13008_370339603096015_1639333944_nThree weeks from today I am going to be 41 year old. And boys does it feel good. Never in my life did I think that being in my 40’s would be so refreshing. My 20’s were ridiculously awkward, followed by a decade of challenges and obstacles that looking back now, may I never ever have to go through again.

Why does it feel so good to be older? Maybe it has something to do with that thing called wisdom, that I may or may not have yet. I do know, that coming clean with your truth and following your bliss can make anyone’s life awesome. And I do believe that you need wisdom to be have that privilege. Nevertheless, here I am, on the cusp on moving up the ladder of the 40-something woman. I’m getting married in a few months, my son preparing for his teenage years, and life as I know it is not what it was a year ago. A year ago I began a community to help people with their spirituality and gaining prospective of their life. A group of 30 people now, we are a wonderful and tight-knit family. People I can go to outside my own blood relations when life-events, emotions and other sorts are unavailable for advice from that part of my inner circle. It’s nice having people you can trust and feel you belong to something, even if it was me who formed it. I feel my life is becoming more fulfilled, and each day becomes another adventure in finding myself.

So, hence the title of my site. Living my life the way I love, with my family and friends in my quaint little digs I call my home.

Hope you enjoy my musings.


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