Trying not to lose momentum…

umbrella Thank you Juice Plus+.  I am having one of those mornings, or weeks, mind-you, that if it weren’t for the fact I have been taking this wonderful product, this last few days would have been worse off.

The “domino” effect can hit you like a mac truck if you are not careful.  All it takes is one thing.  That’s it, just one thing, to go wrong, and all of a sudden you find yourself on a downward spiral of crap.  Take for instance this:  So, last week I think I overdid it on work and house stuff, and add a touch of bad beef, that I got myself sick.  Not total flu sick, but more fatigue, nasuea, want-nothing-to-do-with-life sick.  I wasn’t in pain, just more than anything exhausted.  I had been putting myself on double time with so much and trying to make up for it by doing a little extra here and there for my health, that I actually knocked myself out.  How do you do that?  Especially when you’re trying to do something to KEEP you healthy?  Well, I knew this, and I still didn’t listen to my body – sometimes, too much, even if it’s good for you, it just that:  TOO MUCH.

The weekend ended up being rather lovely, despite my being tired.  Got most of my holiday shopping done, and 75% wrapping done, but even with a clean and somewhat organized house, something was bound to go wrong.

This morning, everything that could have gone wrong went.  From kids not listening and getting in trouble, to stupid things like people not paying attention, paperwork misplaced, and just for kicks, let’s throw in a major accident on a roadway that caused my usual commute to be twice as long.  When I finally came into work, thinking at least I will have some solace here, all my computer drivers are missing.  Thus I sit here as I type, holding onto a queue I’ve been in since 8am with my company’s help desk.  (It’s 8:47am).  So, life  happens.  And this morning I lost my cool.  It hasn’t happened in a while, but some times, too much is just that:  TOO MUCH.  Whether its good or bad, having things in extremes can cause serious harm down the road to anyone.  Moderation is the key in everything we go through.

I will say, I am grateful for the fact I am on Juice Plus+…if I hadn’t been taking it, I cannot imagine how these last few days would have really been like if I hadn’t been taking it every day.  I could have been sicker, my anxiety would have SHOT through the roof.  And instead of being at work patiently waiting for my day to start, I could be under the covers at home begging someone or something to take the pain away.  I am officially on ZERO medication.  One year ago I was on pain killers, sleep aids, anxiety/depression, allergy and thyroid medication, taking all of these sometimes at once.  Today, with the odd Zyrtec here and there thanks to this crazy weather on the East Coast, the only thing that I ingest every morning is tons of fruits, vegetables, berries and grains to help me keep up the pace of my ever changing world.  People keep asking me what my secret is:  Well, that’s it.  Juice Plus+ :  Can’t get any plainer than that.

A few years ago, this was me ~  Miserable, pityful, and a self loathing woman I was, until I found something that turned my life around and made me realize I CAN be healthy AND happy at the same time.  So, even on bad days (or weeks, like me here), can be spent less stressful and more eager to get back on the train to normalcy.

At least my Christmas decorations are up.  And boy, do they look lovely.  😀

~ Bridget

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