Daily Rituals…

boho bed

So, for the last couple months I have been following a nightly ritual that I can say I have 95% been keeping up with. Around 8:15-8:30pm, I disconnect from Facebook, kiss my boys and Scott, and head back to our bedroom. Around the time this nightly ritual began, Scott and I made a conscious decision to stop fighting with ourselves and each other on the future, and just allow ourselves to enjoy the present moments. As far as we are concerned, our boys are happier and quite honestly, more behaved and relaxed since making these decisions. There is no question we don’t want to continue living the apartment life forever, but we found most of our arguments and frustrations were usually over house hunting and not having enough room. Then one day I looked around our home and so saw much dead space. I wanted to change things around, and saw we had plenty of room; we just weren’t using it correctly. Call it laziness, call it exhaustion from a long day’s work, sometimes we just want to come home and do absolutely NOTHING. And sometimes, when nothing escalates day after day, that nothing sure in fact turns into A LOT of something!

I love my nightly ritual. Once I get back into our bedroom, allowing the 3 outside to watch their wrestling on TV, I take to my Tret Fure Pandora station, a cup of tea, a magazine or my phone to keep up with my favorite blogs. By 9pm the boys are in bed, and Scott is either cleaning up or finishing up out in the living room.

Last night I was reading one of my favorite blogs called Hey Mishka, and she had a great story about morning rituals. So, it got me thinking: how many out there have these daily routines? Is it just morning or evening? Or a combination of both? In reading her blog, one woman was talking about taking her time waking up, having her cup of morning coffee, yoga, etc…which yeah, I get it, it’s nice and all, but in order for me to do yoga in the AM, I would have to get up at 4:30AM each day. Sorry, that’s not happening. My days currently are extremely long enough, and trying to concentrate on being quiet is something of a rarity, so it’s not happening during the week, at least. With two boys who each have a different approach to “waking up”, eating breakfast and getting ready in the morning, it is next to impossible to live that fairy tale of doing some walking meditation while my coffee is brewing, then off to do a 30 minute to 1 hour session of yoga. So, until I have room, time and the mental capacity to do a morning ritual, my nightly one is going to have to do.

So, what are your rituals?

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