Happy Holidays!

b6681__Warm-with-Fireplace-for-Bedroom-Design-IdeasWhat a weekend! What was supposed to be a quiet afternoon with friends on Saturday turned into a wine and karaoke infused evening! HA! What fun it was! Love impromptu gatherings!
Today is my last day of work for a few days of holiday cheer. My 41st birthday is tomorrow, and I am ever so thankful that my job is giving me tomorrow and Christmas Eve off. So, I will be back to work on the 26th, but the days I have off, I will be utilizing to the fullest extent.
I am grateful to say that the holidays this year have been quite merry and I am thankful that Scott and I were able to give our boys a decent holiday so far. With planning a wedding and getting into the groove of family life, there is always the fear of not having enough, so I am grateful for the hard work that I have been putting into my job gave me the reward of a small raise.
Tomorrow my fiancé and I are going to enjoy my birthday and get the kiddies off to school. I don’t know if he has anything planned for us tomorrow outside my step-son’s Science Fair (seriously, who does this on the last day before the holiday vacation?) but all I know is that I plan on enjoying my 41st year on this earth with lots of love and fun. My Mom is making me lasagna tomorrow night, and although it is our last “birthday dinner” my parents will be hosting, I am looking forward to a fun filled night with my family. Lord knows what shenanigans they will be up to tomorrow!
All in all it has been a great last few weeks. And the cream on the top happened last night when our dear friends who just had a beautiful baby girl asked Scott and I to be her Godparents, and it was just such an emotionally charged moment I am still reeling from it. They are two of our best friends, and we are quite honored to be such an intimate part in their little girls’ life. As my girlfriend/momma Jen put it when she asked me and I was so touched, she answered with “there’s nothing that could have been more appropriate”.
To be given that type of responsibility is not to be ever held lightly. I thought about this long and hard last night before going to bed, because asking someone to be a godparent is basically asking someone to take care of your children in the event you can no longer. That’s serious stuff! When you are given the personal responsibility of someone else, it means that there are those out there, including the universe, know you can handle the responsibility simply because you are taking personal responsibility for your own life. I am a big believer in this. Personal Responsibility – Two very powerful words. In fact, at my son’s school, there is a banner that spreads half way across the gym with these two words. It means…lacking victimhood, taking ownership, and so much more. I just had this conversation with my step-son last week when he forgot his saxophone for the 3rd time in the last couple months and got grounded for throwing a tantrum about it. The moment a person stops feeling sorry for themselves, or stops blaming everyone and everything wrong in their life, instead of them owning up to their mistakes, therefore taking responsibility for the consequences of their life, personal responsibility becomes one of the easiest factors in your life. Trust me on this: I had to learn that the hard way. But I am glad I am on the other end of that stick now and am grateful to reap the lovely rewards of being that person. To have the motivation to keep going, to love my life, is what it’s about. That’s the best part of personal responsibility. Sure, I have my bad days, but I’m sure as hell not going to blame it anyone else but myself. I have the option to choose to be happy or be miserable. I decided a long time ago to be happy. And look where it’s put me. Every single night I go to bed with a smile on my face. Because I have two, albeit crazy boys who love me, and a fiancé who I can’t get enough of, a warm and loving home, a job, and a love for life that took me 40 years to truly appreciate. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.
So, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanza, Happy Yule, Happy Hanukkah, oh I know I’m forgetting another one…but nonetheless, since there are so many other holidays celebrated outside of Christmas, I wish you all have a wonderful and safe holiday, however you choose to spend it!

~ Bridget

One thought on “Happy Holidays!

  1. Your precious goddaughter could not be in better hands . . . what a lucky little lady she will be!

    And you NAILED it with the personal accountability. We are raising a society of hangers-on, who are allowed to exist off of others – be it off of them financially, emotionally, or even just their energy. It’s so tiring and we need to see a dramatic swing against that type of mentality. Or we are doomed.


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