Gonna Be a Busy Year!


Well, here we are, for many of us, today represents the last of our holiday hours, and tomorrow we go back to the grind of normalcy.  It’s something I am greeting with open arms.

I started my nightly ritual a little early tonight.  Mainly because my lovely fiancé, Scott, did an extraordinary thing for me, and bought me a brand new laptop.  So, here I sit in bed (see pic!) drinking my Maeng Da Kratom tea, and listening to my Pandora radio of female folk music.  Scott is leaving soon to pick up his son, and even though I am going to have to go out at 7:45pm to pick up my son, I wanted to take some me time back here while all is quiet in the home.

The next 4 months are going to be incredibly busy, I am sitting here just realizing this.  Within the next 4 months, I am going to be coordinating 2 events, doing a food tasting for our wedding, let alone getting the invitations out, and finishing up the bits and bobs of planning a wedding.  I was looking at the guest list and I felt a little sad.  I pray I don’t lose friendships over lack of an invite to my wedding.  Some people invited me to their wedding, and although I was there and was honored to be there, I do not believe I am going to be able to reciprocate every couple that invited me to their wedding.  I just can’t.  80 people is our limit. And me and Scott’s family alone takes up 2/3 of our list.  So, one can only hope there won’t be hard feelings.

Oh dear God, I’m getting married.

You know, we’ve been together over 4 years now, and looking back, I feel we’ve been together 20 years.  Solidifying the deal, so to speak, by going up and saying those vows, well, it can’t come quicker!  Actually, I take that back – too much planning.  Time to buckle down, I guess. Got to finish up the little things.  I am grateful Scott’s uncle will be taking pictures, and my sweet friend and her husband, Dana and Jim, are gifting us with our invitations.  Two major things we don’t have to worry about financially.  My dress is currently hanging in my girlfriend, Jenny’s home, alone with my little shoes.  Trying to halt the altering stuff until the last minute because I am still losing weight.  And hey!  Let’s talk about all that:

Tomorrow at lunch I am going to start a walking/running gig.  3 times a week at work, and Sunday mornings I am going to find myself outside, rain or shine, getting my time in, in hopes sooner than later I will be running more than walking.  I’d like to get a membership at the YMCA to get my swimming on with my friend, Rita, but right now that’s on the back burner.  Hopefully by summer I will be in yoga, and with taking Juice Plus+ along with my Kratom tea, I’m going to look and feel better than ever this time next year.  Like I said, it’s was an amazing 2014.  Even with its downs, I know I was blessed and I feel another blessed year is coming upon me.  Too much happiness brewing inside of me.

I will say, my bohemian lifestyle is finally making its way into my clothing.  Getting rid of the bulky clothes that no longer suit me and finding myself in larges and extra larges rather than the plus sizes is a breath of fresh air.  I didn’t realize some clothes are actually cheaper than their plus size counterparts, even if it’s the same damn outfit!  Sigh…

Two new pictures have made their way into my home, and they represent exactly how I feel each day:


Now that all our decorations down, it’s time to see our little home blossom again with the Spring.  Even though it’s January, to me we are on the cusp of brighter days to come.  And that, friends, is worth celebrating.  Cheers! *clink*


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