New Web Series….44 Days of Spirit!

SUNSo, my very dear friend Melissa (many of you know her as Raven Emrys) has birthed an incredible little project that I decided I wanted to undertake.  Helping people who don’t know a lot about me, to come into my life a little.  Now, this topic may be sensitive to some people in my inner circles, and I can only pray that they see it for what it is instead of delving into deeper assumptions that I can quite honestly say, are never going to be true in my book.  I think that’s the one thing that I have the most difficulty with ~ assumptions based on gossip, fear and miscommunications.

Many of you know that since my leaving the Catholic Church many moons ago was difficult to say the least, and yet the most liberating.  Allowing myself to continue to learn the teachings of Jesus, keeping Jesus close to my life (I still talk to him every night when I close my eyes to tell him about my day), all the while studying and understanding the more mystical side of life, it became clear very quickly that my spirituality was on a deeper level than I ever imagined.  But knowing how alone I felt over the years of not having anyone physically to lean on during those times was indeed difficult, I found that maybe my learning experiences could eventually help others who may be going through a similar situation.  So, last year, with the help of some close friends, The Circle of the Sacred Woodland was born.  A Circle of like-minded individuals, who, from many different religious backgrounds and paths, looking for a more natural and openly way of spiritual thinking, came together as one to celebrate the Seasons and honor God in the only way we know how.  I knew I was always a leader, but never did I think something like this could have ever come to fruition.  Well, February 1st is our one year anniversary and we have a solid 30+ people in our little community, coming from all different walks of life, in many different counties across the state.  My reason for saying this is because more and more I become open to my spirituality to the outside world.  My family, who I never thought would understand nor respect my decisions, although I know secretly wishing I would return to the church, keep their distance to allow my journey to unfold yet are compassionate and more understanding every day.  Case in point:  Last year my sweet mom asked me what song would I like to be as my ringtone for her phone.  She decided to choose a song from Enya, and I was touched by the fact reached out so far to ask me something like that, knowing that I know deep inside it hurts to see me away from the very institution she raised me on.  My relationship with my Mom and Dad is closer than it has been in 25 years, and it’s all because of respect and trust.  Two things I NEVER thought my parents would ever see in me.  And it sure goes to show me the act of unconditional love.  My parents have it in spades and if I could be 1/10th of the parent they still are to me, I consider myself to be a very blessed woman.

So, now I’ve spoken about all of this, the purpose of this blog series is to allow you into my world a bit in understanding my way of thinking.  Look, I know I get made fun of.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see the little jabs here and there about how I look at life, the clothes I wear, the music I listen to.  We’re human and we tend to judge everything in our lives. The goal though, is to simple let go and let it be, and to continue to be who you are, regardless of any naysayers.  My job respects me for who I am, and I make no qualms about me there.  They know my path, they know my background.  But they also know the professionalism I give to my company, and that’s all that matters in the end.  It’s all about respect but keeping true to who you are in the process.  I hate that it took me 30 years to get that.

SO!  Without further ado, I give you the 44 days of Spirit.  Going off with similar questions my friend Raven created, I am allowing poetic licensing to take place to put a spin on my own life.  Help me along, people, I’ve got 44 days to go!  I hope you enjoy the new web series! 

With love,



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