Web Series – Day 2 of Spirit – What is your favorite myth/story/folklore?

Fantasy__038816_Well, this is quite an easy question.  The story told by J. R. R. Tolkien, the one so many of us know from the movies, is my favorite by far.  The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings is by far my most favorite story of all time.  For me, it represents life itself.  We have the good people, broken down into many facets:  The prideful ones, the hard working ones, the peaceful ones, etc….We have the bad people, the ones bred with no conscious, the ones manipulated by the seduction of power.  And then, my personal favorite, the innocent ones.  These are the ones that live their life by LIVING their life:  Through working hard, and enjoying the benefits of their hard work.  The Hobbits are my favorite beings in the world.  The live in an eternal spring, surrounded by lush forests, flowers, farms, animals, lakes and rivers, with beautiful skies by day, and partying under the skies at night.  They eat, drink, and overall just be HAPPY.  Sure, could they be called gluttons?  Yes. But I would never see it that way.  The Hobbits clearly love who they are and enjoy every moment of their day.  They live to celebrate.  And that is why so many people feel the Hobbits are the most enduring creatures of the fictional world. 


party tree

But really, are they fictional?  Do they HAVE to be fictional?  I look upon the bohemians of today, the hippies of the new world, and see they don’t live far too from the way the Hobbits live.  Bare feet, comfy clothes, relaxing and taking in the beauty of the world, instead of fighting against those who want to see it barren. 


I believe we are all on a journey.  When we signed up for this life, we had purposes we have to fulfil.  Whether it is to help to fight in taking down the powerful, or protecting the innocent, to those who inspire and become muses for others by showing how we CAN live in a peaceful place.  I found that is where I belong.  I decorate my house with colorful and spiritual décor, having no qualms whatsoever on what matches.  Honestly I don’t care.  So what if I have a beautiful winter picture hanging up next to my Spring flowers?  Or displaying candle holders without candles in them!  The truth is, I was raised to fight for what I want.  And yes, I will continue to do so.  But that is not what my life is fully about.  My life is about celebration, about being quiet when no one is around, about cooking and baking and sharing in my happiness.  My poor soles of my feet are so worn from how tough they are from walking barefoot most of my life.  I wear peasant skirts and scarves, funky hats and jewelry.  I love creating things for people and planting food I will eat at the table.  I love to be surrounded by wildflowers and unmanicured gardens that don’t have a care in the world.  I learned about this lifestyle from the very story that Professor Tolkien told.


It’s who I am and I look forward to growing old being merry and eating 2nd breakfasts and having tea time.  I am the Bohemian Hobbit and I thank J. R. R. Tolkien’s story for helping me find the life I want to lead. 

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