The Kratom Chronicals: KDK Botanicals

KDK BotanicalsHi all!  I wanted to give you guys a review on the two blends that I happen to have tried from KDK Botanicals.  Last night I was able to take the Red Blend.  No question, out of all the blends I have tried from all the vendors, KDK Botanicals has an amazing product and I’m glad I can share this all with you.

So, last night I tried the red.  I usually take the Kratom in powder form, so this review is based on the way I make it:  As a tea.  The way I make my tea at night is I use 2/3 of a cup of hot water and filter 1 ½ to 2 teaspoons in it.  The Red blend packs a powerful punch, and I was looking forward to seeing how it would help my pain, since I am currently battling a minor hairline fracture in the top of my foot.  So, the taste:  Because it’s a red blend and I use more of in the that small amount of water, it’s definitely a stronger tea.  But I put a nice helping of organic clover honey in the tea to help with the taste.  Usually, I expect any Red Leaf Kratom to be more bitter, and this particular blend is actually very smooth and not bitter at all.  So, it was very easy to drink the tea, and very pleasant.  Within 5 minutes the effects began.  Now, it did give a bit of the “good feeling” vibes, aka euphoria, but not much, at least for me.  What I DID notice, was that the pain I had been battling throughout the day were completely GONE.  I mean, really just GONE.  This effect lasted a good 4-6 hours.  I woke up this morning and although the pain was beginning to come back, the calming feeling I had was amazing, something I am not used to with Reds.  This is definitely a blend I would like to use during my nightly ritual.

The next day (today), I decided to finally try the White blend.  Now, I have to tell you, I have always used only Red or Green blends.  But I have always wanted to try to White.  So, using the same amount of water, I used only 1 teaspoon of the White blend this morning.  Great static, which always means it’s a good product.  Smooth taste, hardly bitter with the honey.  Now, the effect started a little later than the Red did the night before.  I want to say I started to feel it around 30 minutes in. It gives off a warm feeling, almost like after you take a five hour energy.  The good thing is that it does give off a rush of energy along with the feeling of euphoria.  Again, not as much as green gives off euphoria, but enough along with the energy to make it probably the best blend I’ve ever had. 

My goal tomorrow is to mix the white and the green together, and tonight I plan to mix the red and the yellow.

All in all I am really excited about KDK Botanicals.  Their product is excellent with a price we can all get behind on.  And as I post this review, I will be placing another order with them. 

Kratom on!

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