Day 4 of Spirit: Thoughts On The Afterlife?

heaven2I am actually skipping around the 44 questions, and somewhat making them into my own…But I really love this subject and I couldn’t wait to talk about it. 

What many people don’t know is that I am a writer.  I have been writing since I was an early teenager, giving my respect to my 8th Grade English teacher, Mr. Richard Halsey, for starting me on journaling.  He is the very one that got me interested in writing, and I haven’t stopped.  That was almost 30 years ago. 

Looking back on my old work, like any writer, I have had “eras”.  2004 was the beginning of my Afterlife Era.  From poetry that discussed angels, fairies, God, Creation, the Earth, Heaven…I have been fascinated with the Afterlife and the Universe within the very Universe we are living in.  What say you?  Did I just say Heaven is really here on Earth, but we just can’t see it because it’s within a parallel universe?  Hahaha well you are correct.  It’s been a vision of mine since I was a little girl.  Actually, this is the first time I’m am ever going to discuss this.  I have written my experiences in my journal and currently taking my personal visions and putting them into a novel I have been working on the last 3 years. 

When I was little, probably around 7 years old, I had a dream, or vision.  Quite honestly, it was so long ago I can’t remember, but I do remember how REAL it felt.  I was in this magical looking place.  There was a waterfall in front of me; the water itself was so iridescent it shimmered.  I was standing on a patch of land with the greenest of green grass, so lush and soft, like a furry blanket.  I took a seat over by a tree, when all of a sudden, this beautiful white being came to me.  It looked like a horse, but the horse was so white I originally thought it was an angel.  But this horse had something I had never seen before.  It had a beautiful horn pointed out of its head, glistening so bright I thought it was some sort of light bulb.  It came over to me, knelt down and sat down beside me.  That’s all I remember.  But I do know that was when I became obsessed with Unicorns.  As a child, I had to have everything with a Unicorn.  In fact, I still have a ring my Godmother gave me, a silver ring of a Unicorn, with pure turquoise on the body of it.  I had a Unicorn blanket, and a Unicorn puzzle, a movie, and a necklace.  To this day, I am still fascinated with this beautiful being.  Looking back, I question whether or not I drifted into the afterlife.  Some people would call this “Astral Traveling”. 


After years of research, studying and practice, I have learned to Astral Travel.  Granted, I really can’t get past my own living room, but I’m getting better each day.  Going back to my thoughts on the Afterlife, I get glimpses through dreams, visions, pictures, and overall signs showing me that the Afterlife is closer than we really think.  So, I started writing a novel about my experiences, and put them into a Fictional story of a woman’s journey through the Afterlife.  Maybe one day I will have it published. 

So, what do I believe?  Is there a Heaven?  Yes.  There is a Heaven.  In fact, there are many Heavens.  Based on the how we are here on this Earth, during this life, will determine which Heaven we will go to.  Some people are more “experienced” in their past lives, and therefore get a little closer to our Creator each time.  Some of us our young souls, starting out in physical bodies.  And each life we live on this Planet, or let’s face it, whatever Planet we choose (we’ll discuss that on another blog), our goals are to learn the lessons our souls are meant to learn.  We make this conscious decisions before coming into a new life, with the guidance of our Guardian Angels.  Our Guardian Angels are not just here for our physical lives.  Our Guardian Angels are here for us from the beginning of our souls’ journey.  And I believe we have more than 1 Guardian Angel.  Since I was younger up to present day, I close my eyes every night and picture myself running to a bench under a tree to meet Jesus to talk about my day.  And every time I get there, he is already sitting there, and we go through the same old joke that I could never beat him there. 


A couple months ago, I watched a Brazilian movie called “Nosso Lar”, or in English, “Astral City: A Spiritual Journey”.   It is an amazing telling story of Andre Luiz, a doctor who passes away from Earth and journals his experiences in the Afterlife.  This movie is based on the actual events that Andre Luis channeled through famed Spiritualist, Francisco Cândido Xavier.  If you are interested in seeing the movie, please send me an email and I will send you a link.

nossar lar

So, the next question is…Do I believe in Hell?  Well, here’s the thing:  When I was younger, I believed in it because I was told to believe in it.  As an adult, I refused to believe in Hell, because I couldn’t imagine this loving God to create us, only to punish us for not doing the right things on Earth.  But then I watched this movie, and read up on Dr. Luiz.  And even now, I really don’t think there is a “Hell”, per se, but I do believe there is a place for those who are not ready to come home to Heaven, whose prideful egos passed along with their souls, and cannot find their way to the Summerlands.  I believe it is a desolate place, where our souls have been, and it is the true and final test of our love and faith in our Creator.  Some people could be there for eons.  Some people only minutes.  But I don’t believe God puts up this gate showing we cannot come home.  I think it is our souls’ doing to make that happen.  It is our choice to continue to feel sorry for our losses, ergo not giving us the opportunity to finally heal and go home.   


In the end, I believe there are magical places that we cannot see, but our hearts and souls can certainly feel.  And God gives us this beautiful planet to live on to at least give us some opportunity to have a Heaven on Earth.  I believe Heaven is much like Earth.  But brighter, calmer, and more beautiful.  And it is certainly where our dreams come true. 


We are given every opportunity to live like the souls do in Heaven.  But our physical bodies, along with our minds, keep many of us from this existence.  That’s why I post so many inspirational messages.  Because my heart hurts for many things, but I also know my pride is never that important than my love for my life, and the people who are in it.  And all I want to do is go home one day, and live my happily ever after in Heaven.


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