And the Drama Continues…

Earlier today I got some disturbing news that was so insulting I ended up spewing it over to Facebook. I usually don’t like doing that, but I had to, because it is where the majority of my followers are, and there is a great possibility that the person creating the drama is on there.

Let me be clear, because this is going to be a short post: We are not the same people we were ten years ago, twenty years ago, and thirty years ago. I am NOT the same person I was when I was little. I am NOT the same person I was five years ago.

But there is one thing that has NEVER changed: My love for God. Don’t involve my family who have tried in such earnest to accept my beliefs and understand and respect me. Don’t change my family’s dynamic because you have a problem with me. It’s unnecessary. And it’s hurtful.

And sorry to say it, but Jesus is very disappointed right now in the hate in this world. I, for one, am not going to take part in that hate, and follow the very teachings Jesus taught me as a child. I believe in the magic of life – and that DOES include Jesus.  One doesn’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand that. It’s called having a conscience. And the person who decided to use my blog as a means to promote this falsehood is going to be in for a serious wake-up call.

I honestly don’t know where you are trying to prove that I don’t believe in Jesus.  Please, peruse my blog.  I can assure you, nothing says that I don’t believe in Him.

It’s times like this I wish I wasn’t so sensitive and could block this out.  But then again, I was made like this, and I am proud of how God created me.

Continuing to pray for the absent-minded.  Be blessed and Be well. ❤

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