Creating a Homestead…

crazy-hair-lady-715x250Okay, so this first picture is a SPOT ON depiction of how I’ve been feeling lately with the wedding planning and finding a house planning. A glass of wine has been a major part of my evenings as of lately, along with some Blue Lotus and Kratom to keep me sane.  There are so many things going on through my head about the upcoming move (no, we have not found a house yet, no major decisions have been made at least).  But in the meantime, while we are looking, my grateful self has been busy creating what our little family homestead would be like.  With the prices of groceries skyrocketing, my goal is to get back into the “grow food not lawns” mentality. To live off of the land, to eat what we grow. To give back to the Earth by eating what she gives us. It’s one of the first lessons in sustainability, and I desperately want to teach my children this.   


It’s one of the reasons we are looking for something with a little bigger property to grow.  It’s hard to plan the exact way things will work out, mainly because we don’t have the physical land yet.  But in the meantime, decorating and visualizing the inside and outside of our future home seems to be getting more exciting, as if our future home is ready to find us.  

home sweet home

One of the things we are looking at in doing is making sure there is a place for our boys to run around on.  My sister, God love her, has this gorgeous corner lot in one of the developments in our town.  They built a huge fence that covers the area of the entire back yard, which is a solid 1/3 acre.  However, the absence of gardens drives me nuts, and although my sweet sister considers herself not to be much of a green thumb, her back yard really has become a football/baseball/kickball/dodgeball/insane game of tag field.  So, for now, her yard, although lacking the fruits, vegetables, herbs and other flowers that I wish for her to have, I can honestly say it is being used to its full potential right now for my three growing nephews.  In saying that, my three nephews have reached out on their interest of gardening, so it has become important not just for me to grow my gardens to help sustain our well-being in our home without having to go out to buy food, but it will also prove to be a fantastic teaching tool for the little ones in my family who want to learn the basics of homesteading.  Which comes to another issue:

What shall we name our home?


Oh yes, we are going there.  And why not?  Why shouldn’t we as a people, name our homestead?  My cousin has a house about 3 miles from our home, and several years ago, my Aunt and Uncle moved in, and most recently my cousin’s Mother-In-Law.  They call their home The Combine, mainly because many people come together at this house for parties, events, and holidays.  With their lush and vast property around them, they have the ability to have larger parties, which during the warmer months, can prove to be a fantastic time (trust me, their parties are amazing!)


So, thinking about it, I wanted our home to represent not only what will BE in and out of our home (trees, flowers, gardens, etc), but what my little family represents in this world.  So, although I have LOTS of ideas, I have decided not to share them yet, until my soon-to-be husband Scott and our children can come to an agreement on a name.

We are in the middle of Lent right now, and throughout this quiet time of rest and reflection, the situations in our life right now somewhat parallels what Lent is all about.  We are in the middle of a gestation period; a time where planning and figuring out what is to come with our new life.  Scott and I are getting married in 24 days.  I still cannot believe in less than a month, I’m going to be married to a man I have been in love with for so long, and even after 4 ½ years of being together, I still have butterflies when I look at him, I still giggle when he looks at me with his sly and mischievous grin.  I still cry when I hear our many songs being played.  Our wedding is going to be a transformation of such great magnitude; I can feel it in my bones now!  All I keep thinking is “how can I be a better person, a better Mom, a better wife” for the people in my life? How am I going to show them what I’m truly made of?  Taking every good and bad event that I’ve had in my life, and turning it into a learning experience that only I can teach.  That the responsibility lies upon me, to teach my husband and children and anyone else who comes into my life, to show them how to truly be happy within themselves, by giving them 100% of who I am.  That’s all I’ve ever wanted.  And it is staring at me in the face.  As my mentor mentioned last week in her video, “Lenten Vipassana”, she focuses upon the connection of new life.  Connecting the seasons of winter into Spring, 40 days of Lent to 40 weeks of Pregnancy, in the end, we have New Life.  So, it’s nice to be able to correlate my life to what she spoke of, as it made total sense that our marriage and looking for a new home all represents new life.

front door

In the end, being self-sufficient, growing food, not lawns, or “food forests” as my mentor calls it, finding that property to create the homestead and sanctuary and call it our own, creating NEW LIFE, THAT’S what it is all about.


Blessings, love and light to you all.

Bridget xoxo

One thought on “Creating a Homestead…

  1. How did I miss this wonderful writing? I enjoyed it very much and can relate to the wedding planning. Look forward to new posts and catching up on past ones.


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