New Directions…

Hi all!

Well, so much has happened over the last couple months, and I have about 4 blogs that are still being written, but they are on my other PC, and right now I’m too tired to pull it out and get it up and running…

The wedding is over, and back to semi-normalcy has commenced.  We are a couple weeks out of settlement on our new home, and packing seems to be a challenge in our household.  My husband and I are burnt-out, so to speak, and the boys, well, our boys are just so happy its nice out again, I hate making them pack boxes when they could be playing outside.  So, we’re trying to enforce a “pack a box a day” method, and so far, we’re failing miserably!  I am sure we will come around, we are not technically moving until June, so we have time.


After much consideration, I decided to close the spiritual circle I started a little over a year ago, and lovingly sent a good 30-40 people back out to the universe to seek on their own.  Sadly I only received a tiny bit of criticism for my actions, but alas, you cannot please everyone, and that’s okay!  I wasn’t expecting people to be all smiles over this decision.  Life is an amazing journey, but I have found that the moment people start making false assumptions about things I’ve said, did, what-have-you, then I know it’s time to move on.  I was ready to lose people over others, and I really didn’t want that beautiful sanctuary to implode.  I’ve learned that not everyone is going to like one another, and as much as I saw myself as a mother figure to these amazing people, I realized I could no longer handle the responsibility of taking care of them, and saw that we are all adults, and as adults, have the time and the means to seek on our own.  As I see it, you MAKE time to do the things you want to do.  I am grateful to the 98% of my group who has stood by me through this, and I know we will continue to meet up now and then with our love of the seasons!


So, new house you say?  Yup!  We are purchasing a 2.2 acre rancher about 2 miles away from where we live now.  Yeah, it’s a big property, but my inner gardener has been tinkering in her head for the last couple months with ideas and goals needing to be set to make this an absolutely amazing homestead.  I will finally have a place to not only live, but to craft, cook, do massage, paint, play games, oh the choices we finally have now!


This is an older picture of the house – the tree in the front yard is no longer there, but one of our first purchases will be a Weeping Willow that will go in it’s place.

Our first goal is painting, finishing the basement, and possibly getting some carpeting in.  After that, it will be nesting and tending to the dormant fruit orchard out back, and planting seeds for new gardens.  I believe in a permaculture lifestyle, meaning, organic…no chemicals…deep mulching beds…composting…getting back to nature.  Getting our hands dirty.  Teaching our children survival tips.  The way this country is going right now, spraying everything under the sun, chemicals in our foods, drinks, gardens, trees, medicines, oh chemicals are everywhere.  And they are hurting us, and hurting our children.  As I said in a post on Facebook, I want to give back to my family and friends.  I want them to see we are a wonderful community, and I want to help them understand the necessity of what I want to do.  It will mean less money spent on groceries, and more time spending with those you love.  Win-win!  See the pictures below, and show these wonderful ladies some love over the AMAZING life they have created because of permaculture!

Beltane cottageBeltane cottage1Beltane cottage2mother moonmother moon1mother moon2

***Photos courtesy of Bealtaine Cottage and Mother Moon Monastery and Herb Farm***

I am off from work today and have half a day tomorrow.  I’m glad I have lots of vacation time left, as it was suggested I need to rest, be gentle with myself, and relax before the next wave of awesome chaos hits.  It doesn’t help we have a Mercury Retrograde hitting us next weekend for 3 weeks.  Right smack in the middle of settlement.  So, you are reading this now, as I predict issues will arise, miscommunications and inconveniences will happen.  It’s the nature of this time.  We are in the shadow period of the retrograde now, so those issues are already starting to rise.  It’s happening in the sign of Taurus, and I’m married to a Taurus, so I’m feeling it too.

Hopefully when this all winds down I will have more happier and upbeat stories.  I am currently journaling my journey through this moving process, as well as keeping tabs on how I will be turning this house into a homestead.  I will be blogging about our new home that will be featured on a tab here on my page.  So, look out for it soon.

Okay, back to lying down.  I got sick very badly last night, well, one would when you live on 3 hours a sleep in a 3 day period.  This is me tapping out for now.  Life is good, I promise.

And peaceful again.  Even with all of this chaos, I feel peace again.  I refuse to let that go!

Blessings, love and light,


1780253_656317367763357_955540848_o - Copy

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