What’s in a Home?

What do I want in a home?

This is a question I have been asked multiple times, from my husband, my kids, my sister, and my parents. I have moved so many times, one would think I really was a traveling gypsy!

If I were to build my own dream home, it would be more of a village rather than a house. Because a home really doesn’t just fit inside the acre property one would build your physical house. In fact, if you think about home, it goes outside those boundaries. From the pub down the street, or the park next door, or the special market down town, home is the place you claim your life to be with.


So, what would I like in a home?

For me, I wished I lived on a property that gave me privacy, but was close enough to neighbors to be a part of their life as well. I love being a part of a community. I wish I lived near water. Whether it be a creek, lake or pond, being near water gives me so many benefits, and I will admit, it brings me down when people so quickly criticize the “flood” issue one would have when you live near water. I know this, I’m not as vulnerable as you think. If I knew a way to have a house without ever flooding, I would do it in a heartbeat. But alas, I don’t have that kind of money, so I know it might not be financially probable for us to live near water. Well, maybe a little creek.


I wish I had a wrap-around porch. With a swing. And a little couch and a lamp on an end table so I can sit out there on the evenings and read a book, while watching the lightning bugs twinkle about.

I wish I had a fireplace. I grew up with one, and it’s a part of who I am. To be able to sit by the fire on an autumn or winter’s night, warming our feet, would be blissful. Heck even a wood burning stove, I would take anything that had a hearth.


I wish I had a large kitchen. To have people commune around a large island while I’m cooking up something delicious, has always been a thing for me. As an herbalist, a cook, a baker, and many other things, being in the kitchen is a major factor in my life. And I want people to be a part of that. And you need a big kitchen to make that happen.


I wish I had a Master Bathroom. I love my boys, I really do. But oh my goodness they make a mess in the bathroom. I am the only female living in the house, so having my own privacy is very important. Plus, I have the bladder the size of a pomergranate seed, so having to wait to go to the bathroom, I’m not fond of AT ALL.

I wish I had a vanity. Ever since I stopped the path of self-loathing, I have begun to look at myself and see myself as beautiful as a divine woman would be. I feel the feminine qualities kick in and I will admit, I like to put on a little makeup, do my hair, my nails, etc. Not having a place to call my own to do that is very frustrating, mainly because, as I stated above, being the only female in the house is very challenging. I can never find anything, and when I do find it, I really don’t have a place to put it.

I wish I had a hot tub. Yup, I admit it. I do. As a massage therapist, I know the benefits of taking care of your body. I myself, have put my body through hell and back from addictions, self-loathing, self-deprecating tendencies that caused me to abuse my body. At 41 years old, even though I still have my youth looking face, the rest of my body…not so much. To have the ability to come home at night and relax in a hot tub, would put me in an amazing place each day, giving not only my body, but my mind and soul a little respite from the craziness of the day.


I wish I had big bedrooms for my boys. They deserve to have a place to vacate when they need their privacy, and a place to call their own. This is one of my biggest desires to have for my boys.

I wish I had a screened in porch. Another thing I grew up with. I would love to have the time to sit outside in the middle of a soft thunderstorm, or just rain in general, and take in nature’s glory without actually being inside of it all. To feel the wind coming in, and just giving myself the opportunity to just sit there, would be amazing. It was also a great time to sleep out there on a summer’s night, without all the bugs getting to you!


I wish I had a large garden area. As an avid amateur gardener, I have been LONGING to get back into the dirt. Living in a flat since 2009 has been SO challenging! I need to get my hands and feet dirty again, and to get back in touch with Mum Gaia. And plant plant plant!

I wish I had a finished basement. We are gamers, and have lots of collectables. We love to entertain, and would love nothing more than to have a space to do just that.

I wish I lived near the stores I could just walk to. One of my favorite shows in the world is a little Bristish Comedy from the 90’s called As Time Goes By. I love that they lived in this beautiful home that was a townhouse, but had a big lush garden in the back, neighbors to talk to, parks across the street, pubs a block away to scurry off for a pint, and a corner market to grab your dinner to make each night. Instead, I live in a large community of sort, with large markets and large refrigerators to stock up food. I actually wouldn’t mind going to the store each night or every other night, if it meant I didn’t have to stock up on so much food, chancing it to rot if I don’t eat it quickly. I know, it’s a lofty aspiration on that, most towns in America don’t have this lifestyle anymore; you can pretty much find these in any town in Europe.

Everything else I can create on my own. Firepits, patios, small gardens, decorate the way I want.

This is just a wish list. Honestly, we all know I would be happy to just have a home to finally call my own.   Each one of us wishes for our perfect home. But really, the perfect home is what you make of it. I can’t explain it any more than I already have. If you are not happy with who you are, no perfect house will be perfect for you because there will always be something missing. So, remember that before going all crazy-like to find the perfect house, the perfect man/woman, the perfect life for you. Until you truly love who you are and what you are about, nothing else will be perfect for you.

I am grateful I am in a place where I feel good about my life, and who I am.  So, I am so ready for this next chapter.

Okay, enough now…I need to get me a house!

~ Bridget

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