Special Request…

candleTomorrow could make or break my sanity.  True story.  On Saturday afternoon, Scott and I walked into the 6th of 7th houses we saw that day, and something happened.  It clicked for the both of us.  Usually when we look at houses, one of us would have an “issue” with one of the things, whether it was the size of the yard, size of the rooms, the amenities the house comes with, etc.  This didn’t happen.  We stood in the kitchen and looked at each other and smiled.  “You like it?” “Yeah.  I really like this house.”

That’s all it took.  A 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath Cape Cod on a quiet little street on the outskirts of our town.  Closer to the train, which quite frankly, I can hear anywhere in town, but it was closer to the woods, to the park, to a small farm where I get my flowers and produce.  It has…a pool.  A fireplace AND a wood burning stove.  Central Air.  A green house.  Fenced in back yard.  Master bathroom.  Sunroom/screened in porch room.  Magnolia Tree in the front.  Please look at my previous post, and you will understand how eerily connected that post and what I saw a day or two later.

I won’t get excited.  We put a lot of emotion in the last house, only to have it blow up in our face.  It happens, its life.  But it didn’t lessen the pain we felt to have to walk away.  Tomorrow we are going to see it again and with luck, make an official offer.  I can’t tell you how unbelievably scared I am.  So many people I know don’t understand.  “This is such an exciting time for you!” “Adventures into the unknown!”

My inner Capricorn is freaking the hell out hahaha. She need stability. Grounding.  A foundation to grow upon.  It’s how I thrive.  This “limbo” is for the birds. Tomorrow can’t come soon enough and yet I am dreading it, because the buyers could easily just say “no” to our offer.

I am asking my readers, should you find time tonight, to open your hearts and send prayers to my family for this.  My boys, husband and I, really want this to be our home.  We understand now why the other house did not work out.  We are ready to do this.  I must let go and let God, so to speak.  Allow this beautiful universe to play this out, and try to enjoy being part of that production.


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