And We’re Live! Tarot and Oracle Readings….

Excerpt from my new page, “Oracle, Tarot Readings and Intuitional Consulting”

 Whether you are having an Oracle reading or a Tarot reading, Psychic card readings are a way to look into your soul and give you the truth that sometimes you NEED to hear. My ability as a medium is to tap into your soul’s energy that you radiate out of your physical body, and help you see the patterns that are keeping you in the situations you tend to find yourself in. I will be honest; I get nervous when someone claims to be a “fortune teller” or someone who can predict your “future”. I am not saying these people do not exist, but for those who do exist, are rare in form and rarely let on what their true gifts are. It is so important for me to obtain a relationship with my clients that are based on trust, understanding and mutual regard for one another’s time and energy. I am here to help you, but I am not here to save you. So, asking questions like “will I win the lottery?” or “when will I meet my true love?” are not really reasonable. Say for instance, I told you I could predict this issue you were inquiring about, give you an answer you wanted to hear, only to find out what you asked never happened down the road. Where are we now? I’m a few dollars richer and you are bitter and angry. Sadly, this is how many fraudulent “psychics” work, and give the rest of us a bad name!

This is not how I work, nor would ever want to. My ONLY goals are for you to trust in me as your guide, to help you along with what your soul is already trying to tell you.

What is the difference between Oracle and Tarot?

Well, I think it depends on who you ask. For me, I have been doing readings for almost 15 years, working in different metaphysical realms like the Angelic, Fairy, and Starseed Realms. (Starseeds are different dimensions within our Universe). I have found that Oracle readings tend to be the “Hallmark” version of the Soul’s mirror (a more lighthearted approach), while the Tarot is the more “In-your-face” and “tough love” type of reading.

I offer a wide variety of Tarot Decks, from the Traditional Ryder Waite Tarot, to nature-based decks like The Sacred Circle Tarot, to a more in-depth, darker Tarot such as The Samhain Tarot of the Bast.

With my Oracle Decks, I must confess, I have dozens of them. Truth be told, Oracle is my forte. As someone who is resigned in compassion and love; this free spirit always finds herself drawn to the Oracles. The Tarot is deeper, and yes, it can be darker, but equally just as important. The Tarot takes up more of my energy, which is why it’s a little more expensive than the Oracle.

Other forms of Divination I specialize in:

The Pendulum


Please check out my new page and order today!

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