Sunday, GLORIOUS Sunday!


Good morning glories!  Hoping everyone is having a FABULOUS weekend!

You know what’s also fabulous???????  Sales!!!!!!

Today I will be taking my inventory for The Spiral Willow and putting it online here.  Forgive me, Hobbits, for not getting this done sooner.  As you know with all this moving/not moving business, summer has indeed been challenging.  But after last night, I was visited by my fellow Witchy Earth Angel, Maggie, and now I feel all is right with the world.  We ate good foods, drank amazing tea, watched British Comedy serials, and gazed at the Moon.  Last night was indeed, perfect.

So, in honor of the new week, I will be offering a Sale for Oracle readings TODAY AND TOMORROW ONLY.  3 Card Reading for ONLY $15.00!!!! (Sale ends at 8PM EST MONDAY NIGHT)

Look over to your right at the top of the page, and you will see a “Buy Now” PayPal button…Click on that and enter in your amount on PayPal (I have it set to Donate so you can enter in a specific amount).  A comment box should pop up somewhere in that, please make sure to ask your question there.  Please allow 48-72 hours for an email response from me.

****If you do not use PayPal, let me know and I will give you my Google Wallet info****

I have over 100 Decks, but I will choose the deck based on your question and what I feel would be an appropriate deck for me to work with.

Happy Readings!!!!! ❤




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