Suit Up!


Wooo Woooo!!!

Well, talk about a major uplift! I got a SLEW of emails and private messages from people telling me in a way to rock on with mah bad self. That even at 41 years old, whatever can make me ding dong happy, DO IT. So, guess what kids? I’m gonna DO IT!

Okay, so what was my list again?

  • Dye hair a fun and VIBRANT color
  • Get long dread extensions
  • Nose Pierced
  • Tattoos on back and arms
  • Medical Piercing on my Ear for Migraines
  • Travel to different countries
  • Go to Bermuda for another honeymoon
  • Have High Tea with my girlfriends
  • Yoga AND Belly Dance on a Daily/Weekly Basis
  • Become a model
  • Learn Sacred Drumming
  • Buy and RV and go camping
  • Open a Red Tent
  • PHYSICALLY open up a New Age/Metaphysical store
  • Get my child into college (well, that’s gonna happen no matter what!)

Okay, so it looks like some of these can be done quickly, where others can be done gradually. So, let’s set it to a vote! What do you want to see this Hobbit do first???? I will give this until the end of this week and we will go from here – mind you, some of these will require some monetary funds, which may not be available right now, but heck, I sure as heck will start planning!!!!!!!

So, without further adieu….


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