Heat, Organization, It’s Hot, Changes, and OMG Do You Have ANY Idea How HOT It Is Outside?

Gee whiz.  If I hear another person ask me if it’s hot enough out there for me, I’m gonna snap.  Come on, now, I think when you see the swear dripping from my face like a faucet that won’t turn off, you might want to re-think your humor with me.

Tonight was my usual Yoga night, but sadly the heat had been getting to me all day, and knowing that all my other peeps weren’t coming, I made an executive decision and cancelled practice tonight, so our sweet instructor didn’t have to drive all the way from Downingtown just to turn around and go back there.  What a day.

I keep forgetting I need to take a picture of my urban jungle work space.  As many of you know working in the cubicle farm has literally deteriorated my self-motivation for anything anymore, I’ve been trying to focus on keep peace between me and my never ending struggle with being strapped to my chair.  I came home earlier than my normal time and decided to eat dinner quickly and take a very off-schedule shower, in hopes that I may be able to sleep in an extra 15 minutes tomorrow morning.  Yeah, I hate that I’m saying all this, trust me.  I don’t like it any more than you are reading this.  But this is how life is, and the only way it’s going to get better is if I make the changes, plain and simple.  To be continued…

Got some accessories for my personal organizer.  Since I cannot afford a Kikko K or a Filofax, I got a lower brand one and started decorating it a while ago.  But today I was introduced to Washi tape!  And I am IN LOVE!


(Those flowers?  That’s Tape, Yo!)

The shower was lovely.  Last week at Yoga the center that houses my classes I attend have a nice little stock of neat goods for body, mind and spirit. http://www.mindfulbodyandsoul.com … So I purchased some lotion and a bar of soap that quite frankly, is leaning to my #1 spot of smell-goods!  (My current #1 is from http://www.kratomunderground.com – called Nag Champa Soap – and yes, its AMAZING).  This particular one from last week is a mix of Patchouli and Mint with Coffee Grounds as an exfoliant.  I sadly cannot remember the name of the brand, I promise to get back to you all on that!


I tried after the shower, to have a grown-up conversation with my girlfriend, Maria, but between the both of us yawning and both basically saying “oh dear I feel so loopy”, our conversation lasted only a few minutes.  I will be seeing her Saturday so all will be right with the world!

This heat wave is staying for the next several days, and my poor body is not adjusting to it.  Almost like flu symptoms, all I want to do is sleep.  Maybe it’s all I need right now. Soft lighting, quiet music, and cool air conditioning.  All of which I am grateful to have right now.


Well, here’s to a great night, Hobbits!  I am getting ready to make a cup of tea, argue with my son about X-Box, and hopefully make some more adjustments to my personal planner.  Cheers!


(Post Shower Selfie)

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