Epilepsy Awareness: A Dedication to a Very Special Little Boy…

Hi everyone!

Happy November! One of my favorite months of the year is now upon us…One of the reasons for this is because of something very dear to me. Below is a video my sister and I created in dedication to her son, Brandon, who battles Epilepsy. I have been blessed with the honor of being this mighty warrior’s godmother, and I was so honored to do this with her. My sister is a superhero to me, for all she goes through every day. My sister and brother-in-law truly are amazing parents, and I am proud to be a part of this video to not only help raise awareness to Pediatric Epilepsy, but to show the world out there how amazing this little guy is to us.

Please feel free to share this video and spread awareness! Thank you SO much!

I love you, Bran. xoxo

3 thoughts on “Epilepsy Awareness: A Dedication to a Very Special Little Boy…

  1. I saw this as I was traveling back through blogs i have liked. it is so hard to get back to everyone while still writing your own. What caught me is that the man my one blog is for – Jamie – in prison. He, too, has epilepsy. He was seizing as he was being born. It was very bad as a child. he had brain surgery when he was 12 to try to stop the internal bleeding. It helped. But in prison they don’t care. He does take meds but he doesn’t usually know what they give him because they change it. I’ve read they use inmates as medical guinea pigs. When he has a seizure they usually just let him lay there because the guards don’t want to do the paperwork. Once he woke up with his ankles and wrists cuffed – for the guards safety. He did have a really bad one that recently put him the hospital for 4 days. When I hear people say inmates have it good – 3 squares a day and free medical care it makes me angry. No one on the outside would want his 3 squares a day and medical care is usually in front of a computer with a nurse saying he doesn’t “look” sick, so go drink some water and lay down. His mother now just ignores him. I’m all he has. All of this has opened my eyes. I had never known anyone with epilepsy before. Reading his letters about it and how it affected him as a child, how it scared him and he would try to hide or lock himself in the closet, falling down the stairs or breaking a glass coffee table with his face. Saying good luck to your nephew isn’t even close to adequate words, but I do sincerely hope he will be okay.


    • Oh Sonniq thank you so much for your kind words. My nephew is my little soulmate. One of the kindest and compassionate beings I know. I know the struggles he goes through will never be in vain, as I know there are bigger reasons for this. My prayers are with Jamie as well!!!!

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      • Thank you so much. On the blog I have for Jamie I have often written about his epilepsy. I can’t imagine what life would be like never knowing the next time it was going to happen, especially when it happens often. Jamie is 32 now. I met him before his incarceration. This should not have happened. I think many black families are immune to it because it happens so often. The rate is 1 in 2 men. His family dropped him like a hot potato. His mother, even after she went through with him since he was born, shows no interest in how he is doing. When I found out that no one even answers his letters, and my daughter went on with her life, I took over. I am mom now. No one can see why I take the time. But he is such a kind hearted man. Everyone needs someone who cares. If you know nothing about solitary confinement you would be outraged. So I am writing a book about his life. You are right – there is a reason for this – and that means his life will help others. My prayers for your nephew, too.


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