Bealtaine and Open Circles…

So, once again I have found myself in the throes of more blogs that are *not* quite complete yet, and like the squirrel from the movie “Over the Hedge”, I can’t seem to keep in place for more than 5 minutes!


This is MY time of year.  It’s funny, as much as I LOVE LOVE LOVE autumn, and the ability to see our shadow self more, becoming internally reflective, there is NOTHING to me better than Spring.  That “smell” in the air.  The feeling of the long awaited wild grass growing before the first cut.  The little Purple Deadnettles sprouting up EVERYWHERE that make my backyard look like a magical fairyland. Same with my Dandelions.  See, at Mabon House, the invasive “weeds” that drive other homeowners mad are actually welcome in my home.  Did you know that Dandelions and Purple Deadnettles have more antioxidants and alkaloids that help symptoms of cancer, IBS, and other internal nasties?  That things like Stinging Nettles and Plantains that grow like wild along sidewalks and the edges of driveways are actually amazing for your skin? Stinging Nettles alone have actually more Vitamin C than Spinach and Kale COMBINED!  


And yet, people look at them and spray chemicals to get rid of them.  Sigh….But we’re getting there, folks. More and more people each day are finding out that we have SO much that will take care of us right at our feet!  This is just one of the reasons why I love Spring.


Here’s another thing:  And actually, I have been hesitant to bring this up because sadly, it is a controversial issue in certain areas of my life.  But in an effort to continue being authentic and real, I need to break out of the shell that keeps me shielded from such controversy.  

Two years ago, I created a community.  A community of like-minded people who wanted to learn more about the path I follow.  And although last year was a little bit of a hiatus, we have come back stronger than ever!  And although we are down a few people, whether it was due to people not being a healthy fit for the community, or those who just fell out of community and I haven’t heard from them, those who have consistently been in contact with me have come together and we actually have a stronger and healthier community than I ever truly expected.  And in 6 days, we will be celebrating our 3rd annual Bealtaine celebration.  See below some pictures of this amazing community through the years…. 

See, my faith has gone far and wide and is made up of so much that sometimes I may burst!  From my Catholic Roots to my studies in Buddhism, Hinduism and Paganism, I have FINALLY found a perfect fit that makes up of everything that I am.  Taking in my Southeastern Pennsylvania Appalachian Roots, and my absolute devotion to the Indigenous peoples of my country, linked to my ancestral Celtic Roots, you’ve got Bridget.  And because of that, I realized I don’t need to wait until Sunday to celebrate or honor my Creator.  No, I celebrate God EVERY SINGLE DAY.

And although as a gardener living and breathing by the Moon phases, I celebrate the 8 Seasonal Holidays along with the traditional Roman Calendar Holidays.  So, if you are unaware of these holidays, it might explain the weird words I post on Social Media of something I’m celebrating, right???  But I digress…

On April 30-May1st, the season of Bealtaine comes upon us.  You may have heard the term “May Day”, which usually coincides with terms like “May Queen” or “The Month of Mary”….In many cultures, the month of May is usually represented by the Goddess Herself, in all Her miraculous and righteous glory.  Whether you are looking at The Blessed Virgin Mary, Isis, Elen of the Ways, Lakshmi or Kwan Yin, the month of May is all about the ladies and the amazing energy they have and bring to Earth.  It’s about Fertility, Love, Sex, Marriage and all that other good stuff!  In older customs, mainly in Western Europe, the traditional “May Pole”, a dance with ribbons and a large phallic pole, is customary in many celebrations.  For the Male Dieties, you have Pan, Herne, Hermes, and just so many more who represent the “Hunter” of the Maiden.  Ever wonder why most marriages are done at this time of year?  

For many gardeners and lovers of Gaia herself, Spring is about done and Summer is coming.  And in less than a week, Mabon House (my home), will be celebrating her first celebration in this home, with the community I began over 2 years ago.  Even with those no longer within the community, we may have more than we’ve ever had at any celebration ever!  

When I made the decision earlier this year to reopen the community I began a few years prior, after some toxic relationships were removed from the sanctuary people had grown accustomed to, as well as parting ways with those who didn’t see the community as a priority, I was hesitant that I would once again be taking on too much.  But, after the counsel of some of my closest friends in the world, it was said that the lack of community was being felt and people wanted it back.  After further reflection and prayer, I decided to reopen the community, but with stricter guidelines, to help alleviate any future headaches and negative energies that would come to pass,  

My closest confidants who know me better than anyone.

And check this out! We are expecting between 30-40 people!  YIKES!  But how incredible is that?????????  I remember our first Bealtaine, held at a friend’s house, located behind a cemetery and old haunting grounds.  Close to 30 people came, and it was truly magical.  Here we are two years later, we may be smaller, but the outside community, intrigued and looking to be educated on who we are, is what’s going to make this celebration even more special.  We are inviting family and friends who although may not follow the Earth path, but who are able to come see what the fuss is all about (it’s just fun, happiness, family, friends and music!!!!)

It’s been a long time since I’ve been truly excited for something.  Don’t worry, it’s not like I’m sitting in my own little barn of pity and complaining, no, it’s just that my whole life has been so inundated in just opening boxes from the move months ago, that it’s just going to be nice to relax and have a grand time.  

The carnal feeling of wanting to be outside, feet in the dirt, arms wrapped around a tree, and just SMELLING the air.  Tell me, have you ever noticed how INTOXICATING the air smells after a rain fall?  Like, near a nicely wooded/shady area?  I remember years ago being transfixed on a Muppet Show episode.  It starred Linda Rondstadt, and she sang one of her signature songs (and my personal favorite), “Blue Bayou”.  The setting was an old shack sitting upon a body of river on an early summer evening after a rainfall.  I mean, this was JUST a set design, and as a little girl, I was CAPTIVATED by it!  It almost felt “natural” for me to want to be near that.  Fast forward years later, adulthood in full swing.  I get SO excited when I am home and it’s going to rain.  Especially when it’s a tad bit humid out.  The smell in the air after the rain is INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  There’s actually a name for it!


Well, I could go on and on and on, but I’m obviously gonna need to stop.  There’s much to do and things to plan!  I look forward to showing you all how we do here in Pennsylvania!  Much love!


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