Be The Change – A Q&A With The Bohemian Hobbit…

Every week, I receive many messages asking me the really big questions. Some family, some friends, some complete strangers who are new to my website. I thought this would be a great idea to do a quick Q&A on everything.




(Some before Mabon House and last autumn when I was lining the gardens for next years sowing)

#1. Where did you get the idea of starting a Permaculture Garden?

Well, this goes back to 2005, when I began my first garden in my home when I lived near the mountains. I had a small herb garden as well as a “normal” vegetable garden. I didn’t have Permaculture in my mind until a few years later, but at that point, I had left the home I was in, divorced my husband, and then started living in a series of apartments for about 7 years. It was when I moved to my last apartment in 2013 when I made the decision to start learning and educating myself in Permaculture Principles. I didn’t even think it would work, until a small tomato plant in my little hovel of a space, not only produced thousands of little cherry tomatoes through December of that year, but spawned at least a dozen new plants the following April.






(My rogue tomato plant that spawned a dozen more plants the following Spring)

#2. You were never someone who liked gardening let alone spend lots of time outside. What happened and what made you change your way of thinking.

For a little over a decade, I have been going through what would be called a massive and intense spiritual transformation. Realizing that my love for God was able to span from religion to religion and culture to culture. What transpired from that was a remarkable breakthrough of spiritual understanding. It began with a walk in the woods. And before I knew it, the more I walked, the more I saw. There’s a big difference between looking at something and actually SEEING something. For so many years my eyes were open but I was fast asleep. Now that I am awakened, every time I am within the elements of nature, I get butterflies in my belly, the same kind of butterflies one would get when you are falling in love. And I have totally fallen in love.


#3. You have a reputation of starting so many things and yet not completing them. What makes you think what you are doing is going to be any different?

This is actually a very good question and I can’t quite answer that. Human behavior suggests that leopards don’t change their spots, and being at 42 years old, I have inhabited a personality that most people claim will never change. But I beg to differ. I wish sometimes I could have the ability to have people jump inside of me to feel what I feel, and see what I see. Maybe then people would understand. I cannot tell you what the future will bring. And I have learned to stop listening to people who choose to continue to look deep within the past. I HAVE to live in the now. Live for this moment and nothing else. If I continue to make decisions based on my behavior as a child or teenager or a young woman for that matter, I would probably go nowhere. Part of the amazing evolution of the human body, mind and soul is just that. We evolve. We change. Everything from our environment, our likes and dislikes, our motivations and our fears is what makes us do what we do. For me, I cannot make it any more clearer than right now when I say I am not the little girl I was. I am not the teenager. I am not the woman I was a year ago. I change each and every day. And it’s one of the things I love most about myself. I refuse to accept that people cannot change. I am living proof that idea is dead wrong.


#4. What do you expect to get out of this project?

This is actually my favorite question. My hopes is that I will be starting a revolution in my area. I know my friends Jacqui is in her revolution on the West Coast, and Colette is in her revolution in Ireland, and then my friend Dan De Lion has his revolution across the river in New Jersey. I want to be a beacon for people who want to learn what people did before the modern times took over. I want to bring back Home Economics to the Schools in my area, and hopefully branch out. I want to work with the school district and be an aid to students who want to learn about Permaculture. Not only that, I want to be able to feed my family, friends and anyone else who is interested. Supermarkets and Superstores have taken over the food economy. Small artichokes for $2.50 a piece? $.99 for a cucumber? $2.99 for a small bunch of green onion? $6.00 for a small bag of potatoes? This is what our world is right now! And it needs to change. And I’m tired of hearing people complain and saying a change needs to be made, yet no one makes the change. I finally decided, I’m going to be the change.


#5. Who is your Inspiration?

Quite a few.  First and foremost, Gaia, or as many would call her “Mother Earth”. Other would be Jacqueline DuBois and the Mother Moon Monastery and Herb Farm, Colette O’Neill from Bealtaine Cottage, and Dan De Lion from Return to Nature.  Each one of them has created a revolution of life. Of rebirth.  I read all these blog posts, messages, watch their videos, and privately messaging.  They are amazing people.  Can you only imagine how amazing our planet would be if we had more Jacqui’s, Colette’s and Dan’s in the world?

#6. What about your family?  Don’t you think it’s a little selfish that you finally get a yard for them to play in, and you’re going to use it up with your gardening?

Sigh…Sadly, this question was asked by at least a few people.  And when you ask a question like that, sure, it kinda makes me look like a nasty mum who won’t give my children the area to play in.  So let’s break it down, shall we?

I have two boys.  They will be 14 and 12 this year.  Neither plays sports (unless re-enacting WWE moments aligns with that). My plan is a 10 year plan.  By the time the back area of my property will no longer be “playable”, my “children” will be well over into their 20’s, and I’m pretty sure they’re not gonna care what good ole’ mom has in store for the back yard.  In fact, we have a 16 foot above ground pool back there.  I think I would commit a cardinal sin if I took that down, so I think I’m safe.  Please also remember that directly 8 steps across the street is a football field’s worth of ground.  Plus the partially finished basement that is my boy’s headquarters, so I think my boys are okay with places to play.


#7. Say it’s 10 years from now.  How do you see your life?

Great question!  Thank you!  I see my life as this: I am 24/7 within the homestead.  I have a polytunnel in the yard somewhere so I am able to have all year around gardening.  I see myself with gray hair, dreaded and braided, wearing peasant skirts and a funny straw hat. My Bohemian Hobbit’s name will have been trademarked, and I am selling my teas, tinctures, infusions, soaps, salves, oils and herbs.  I will have a Front Porch Farm Stand that will be up and working between May-October.  I will be speaking at assemblies at schools on sustainability.  Chefs from local restaurants come to my home to get their food for the day.  My husband and I are working from home and making a living working the homestead.  I am providing sustenance to the local shelters and food pantries.  All with a cup of tea in hand!


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