About Bridget


Bridget is a 40-something Bohemian woman with the peace of mind of a 5 year old girl. She is a devoted Christian, Gardener, Hobbit, Homesteader, doting mom and wife.  No longer living in tiny quarters in southeastern Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, she recently purchased a home with her husband, and after ten years of planning, is ready to move onto her next major adventure – growing gardens all around her house using the principals of permaculture, along with living a more self-sustainable way of life.  Bridget herself has been on a spiritual, emotional and physical health kick for some time and hoping to pass on the almighty wisdom to the peoples around her.

Bridget’s main loves beside her family and inner circle are being an herbalist by trade and is known to be in her kitchen making oils, teas and tinctures to help everyone she loves live a happy and healthy lifestyle.  Bridget is an advocate for the American Kratom Association, the Pennsylvania Kratom Association, as well as an advocate for The Epilepsy Foundation, a foundation very close to her heart. Many of her proceeds from her sales go towards this foundation on behalf of her nephew/godson/soulmate, Brandon, who has been battling this disease for the last 3 years.

Here below are some highlights of her life with some of the people most important to her…

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14 thoughts on “About Bridget

    • Hi Joy, I’m a bit confused by you asking if it is safe…I do the readings based on the energy you are providing out there right now. It is for entertainment purposes, as I am no fortune teller. I am a guide, a medium. Please read through my Oracle and Tarot page here before making your choice. Thanks 🙂


  1. Bridget, I do a daily tarot draw on my blog, Usually a single card but there are days where more than one wants in. My Btother is also a reader and he has done two guest blog reads for me and I had the lightbulb moment today that it might be cool to do a guest blog version of this on a regular basis. I remebered from your about me that you read tarot. Is this something that you might like to do? I haven’t worked out the particulars yet as I just had the idea today but I would of course give you credit for the gueat read and incluse a link back to your blog. Think about it and let me know. I would love to have you as a gueat reader.

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