Spiral Moon Temple (Red Tent)

a6b093d152b8de63515900509858202c.jpgI have an idea.

Now, for those that know me, usually when they hear me say something like this, I’m either going to get a great big old eye roll or excited anticipation for what’s going to come out of my mouth. I’m hoping it is the latter.

So, without getting all vague on you all, I’m just going to say it out loud now – I’d like to open up a Red Tent community.

What is a Red Tent, you ask?


First, I’m going to tell you what it’s NOT. It is not a religious movement. It is not a cult.

What IS a Red Tent? Well, a Red Tent is a spiritual movement created by women, made for women, originally a place to go during our menses to rest and recoup.  Now, it is not only that, but also to help women regain the power within us that was unrightly taken away from years of segregation. You don’t need to be a feminist to understand women have had it rough in life. It didn’t use to be that way; women thousands of years ago were revered. Women were sacred. We were the creators of life, the nurturer of all things. Yet, somewhere down the road, being a creator and nurturer was considered weak, and women suddenly became vulnerable. We were oppressed, segregated, belittled. Even in today’s age, modern society still has a slight reference to women being the weaker of the two genders, even going as far as still being underpaid in the work society. What happened?


The truth is, a lot happened. But I have no desire to go back into the past to recreate something that either people will disagree or downright debate about. This is not my desire at all. My desire is to reach out to my fellow females in hopes they understand they have a voice, and a right to continue to be sacred. We have a right to be revered as man is. Going into biblical reference, God created Adam and out of Adam He created Eve. From his side. So, we are the equal.


Thousands of years ago, there were Red Tent communities in every town and village. These were specifically created for women who were going through their Moon time.  I wish I could make it more complicated, but that’s it.  It’s very simple.  It was a place for women to go while their menstrual cycle was upon them, while the rest of her family would go about their daily chores, taking up the woman’s chores while she rested.


However, during the time when men began to take root in their own lives, and scripture and other ancient texts were being written, stories of women being “dirty” and “unclean” started coming out, comparing their menstrual periods with being “cursed by God” and “filthy”, the Red Tent became a place of necessity for women, and it was only during that time could women feel companionship while they were being mistreated for being a woman.


It is wonderful that this ancient practice began again in modern culture, which was brought to light by Anita Diamant in her 2007 book, “The Red Tent”, which spawned into a movie in 2014.

Women are beginning to ask questions and remember the old times.  Women are searching for something that gives them that peace during this time.  Women are seeing now that having their period does not make them dirty, rather they are sacred divine beings.

This is where I come in.


I don’t have much.  I have a back yard that is in the middle of being turned into a garden sanctuary.  It’s not a lot, sure, but it can be a beginning.  Even if it’s just 5 of us or 25 of us.  Even if it doesn’t start until next month or next year or 5 years from now.  I think we need to talk about it.  I looked, and there is NO red tent in my community.  I would have to travel near an hour to go to one.  I don’t want that.  I want to be close to home.  Even if right now it needs to be my home.

We need to talk about this.  We need to see that many of our sisters are suffering.  Badly.  Whether it is living in a bad marriage, or unable to cope with parenting, or devastated at not being able to get pregnant, or scared of motherhood they had an abortion.  Yes.  Many of our sisters are suffering.  We need to get back to basics.  We need to come together and do this. All women are welcome. Those who are at the beginning of the maidenhood, those who are knee deep in motherhood, those who chose to remain a maiden and those who prayed yet could not produce.  Those who’s menstrual cycles are long gone, to give us the wisdom many are seeking.  Yes.  All females are welcome.

****Please be advised that this will be a Christian community and not like other Red-Tents that allow other philosophies such as New Age, Hinduism, Buddhism or Paganism.  We will be utilizing the Red Tents specifically for healing purposes of women and how we are equally important in our roles here on Earth.****


So, here is my idea:  Sometime in May, since May is the Month of Mary, the Month of the Goddess, The Month of Hekate, so many women feast days fall during the Month of May.  I say let’s start talking by May.  Women of all ages can come.  But that’s just that.  It’s all women.  No men.  No, it’s not a feminist thing.  It’s a women thing.  It’s a sister thing.  It’s not going to be a cocktail party, it’s not going to be a bitch session.  My goal is to make this a blissful sanctuary for women to come for an hour, and afternoon, and evening, or even all day, to just rest and relax.  Sleep and cry, heal and renew.  This is my dream for you all.


You will learn about healing rituals, herbal remedies, music, sex, honoring the divine womanhood that we have been blessed with.  You will learn about connecting with yourself, and letting go of the awful negative connotations that society has plagued women’s bodies.  You will learn how to love yourself again, be in love with yourself, and love others.  You can ask questions without feeling scared or apprehensive.  No question will be left unanswered.  You will feel love from the sisterhood of women in the Red Tent.


Our day will be filled with rest, food, drink, music, meditation, massages, reiki, reflexology, crystal healing, aromatherapy, and lots of sharing with one another.


You deserve nothing less for yourself.  You are a Goddess. You are a Creatrix.  You are Powerful.  You are a Woman.

Are you ready to enter the Red Tent?