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Weekend of Birthdays, Lammas and Close Friends…

Hi there!

Hoping everyone is enjoying their weekend in a blissful manner!  With the Blue Moon on Friday and Lammas yesterday, it has proved to be high energy all around me and my brood this weekend.  Yesterday was my son’s 13th birthday, and I LOVED watching his face turn to absolute happiness when he opened up his present and saw the ONE thing he wanted more than life itself – A GoPro – A professional action/underwater camcorder and camera.  See, for many years, all my son wanted to be was a WWE Champion.  He even went so far as to go out for the Wrestling team at school, but that lasted one season, as his absolute HATE for competition turned him away from it all.  It’s what I love most about my son; he is an incredibly inclusive person, and although he loves to watch competitive sports, he would rather not do it himself because he just didn’t like having to face/fight another person.  He’s such an old soul, and would rather sit behind the scenes now and help people have the spotlight.  So, when he opened his present and saw that camera, it made how painstakingly saving money for that camera just even more worthwhile.  He has been studying up on directors like George Lucas and Stanley Kubrick, and I know when my son has an interest, I know to watch it closely and study HIM while he envelops himself in everything pertaining to that subject. His reasoning to want to be a director?  “Because I love to make movies.”  That’s my boy.

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Sadly, I only got to spend time with him a few hours yesterday, because this year he was to spend the day with his dad about an hour away.  So, it was nice to get together with some friends that live close to me to celebrate and acknowledge the Holiday known as Lammas.

We went to our friend Maria’s house, where we and a couple other people got together and literally TALKED the entire afternoon well into the evening.  It was such an incredible day and the peace and loving energy that was around that small group was what I needed knowing I didn’t have my boy on his big day.  Instead, I got to play with this little fella:


(Ronan the Indestructible)

So, we sat over appetizers, sat down to a hearty Italian meal, and feasted upon 100 year old depression glass dinnerware….


(My plate was called Miss America)

Usually when I go to any kind of party or gathering, they usually last about 3 hours.  No, this one started around 1:30pm and lasted a little past 9pm.  We were all kind of shocked at the fact time sort of stood still yesterday.  There were no children there (except Mighty Ronan)…it was just a semi-quiet group of adults who I’ve known for at least 10 years of this amazing life.  And yesterday just continued to prove that I do have one!

We don’t have a lot of money, we live in a tiny apartment, we’re cluttered and tired and frustrated, but all in all, we are indeed grateful for what we have.  And that is what the Lammas season is all about!  It’s about reaping all that we were dreaming about months earlier, and enjoying that harvest, and being grateful no matter what!!!!  It’s not always about food!  It’s about friends, family, and of course your OWN personal journey to finding YOU.


So, today, while my son, who came home last night, is out with his cousin cheering him on in his playoff baseball game, I will be busy here at home, tending to some more clutter, putting more out on the yard sale site, and enjoying some quiet time with my sweet husband.  We are hoping in the next week to start getting our Autumn decor up….oh!  That reminds me!  So, I wanted to show you what I got this past week!!!!!!


It wouldn’t be The Hobbit Flat without some flags to adorn the place!  Target had these burlap flags on display and I HAD to get a couple of them!  I love flags, in fact this post just reminded me I need to get my Tibetan Prayer Flags up today, so right now, for Harvest time, I am trying to figure out if I should just keep them plain, or if I should put words or a saying on them.  Would love to know your thoughts!  Hopefully if I can get my energy up and good, I will show give you guys a little tour of the Hobbit Flat, our home.  Until then, have a great Sunday and keep doing you!

………………………….Oh yeah, speaking of reaping….

Last year I planted a small tomato plant.  It went rogue last year until I had to physically pull it out in mid-December.  Well, she didn’t like that, and seeded herself quietly when I wasn’t looking.  Around May we had over 20 seedlings creeping up everywhere, including our next door neighbor!  We pulled all but a couple out and gave them away….I can’t keep up with them!!!!!


       (seriously, it’s THAT insane!)

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Lammas and the Autumn Season!

I wanted to share this with you last week but life happens – I wake up each morning and do my usual morning ritual: Stumble out of bed, walk into the bathroom to piddle, start the shower and gather my towels.   Once the shower is over, I wake my boys up, and prepare for my day. I am grateful to say that my mornings are fairly boring; which I welcome with open arms. As someone who used to be a major morning person, I have found I have formed a deep and loving relationship with my bed, and with a husband now next to me, it makes my sleep-time much more enjoyable. But I digress…

So, I walked into my shower a few mornings ago and started my usual routine until I opened my eyes and started looking around. Nothing seemed out of place, yet it looked different. I closed my eyes to focus on the fact I just woke up, and opened my eyes again. Yup, the lighting was different. But, why? I looked out of my shower curtain and noticed nothing different, but it sure felt different. I took a deep breath to try to recognize why I was feeling different this morning and then it occurred to me: The Wheel was turning, and I was actually FEELING it.

I follow the Wheel of the Year. I observe 8 Holidays that line with the Seasons we all know as Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. Within those 4 Seasons, we have Cross-Quarter Holidays, which to everyone else are the Solstices and Equinoxes. In some cultures, people that follow this belief system are in the ranks of these “Religious” groups: Pagan, Wiccan, Witch, Neo-Pagan, Shaman, Druid, Celtic Reconstructionist, and so on….So, what am I? Some people claim I am a Witch. Others say I am Pagan. Others say a Druid. The truth is, I could be considered all of these things. But I also hold deep my Catholic faith, my Native American Shamanic philosophies, and Buddhist teachings that I have learned over my Spiritual Journey of 20 years. Why do you have to label me? I’m just…Bridget.

WIN_20150726_142757(That’s me donning one of my headdresses that I am selling in my online store!  Go check it out)

Okay, we savvy? I’m not bringing this up again. It’s here for the world to see, and if you want no part of my life, let’s move on. When I spoke to my sister last week, she gave me some truly humbling advice on what I put out there on the Internet. And she was right big time on one thing: In a way, I am waiting for a reaction. But mainly because that’s all I ever get, so it’s almost an expectation I have. Which I need to not worry about anymore. As I told her, I don’t want to fight. I just want to love. And be happy. And love some more. That’s all I want to do for those around me. If those who dislike or not understand my path can at least accept this, we can lovingly agree to disagree on our philosophies, and just continue to love each other. Moving on…

Right now, the Wheel is turning to the next Season. And I felt it big time last week. The air felt…crisper. The lighting in my bathroom seemed…darker. Even though there are no windows in my bathroom, for some reason I can always tell if its day or night in there. Call it a psychic link between me and Father Time Hahaha!


We have had the air conditioner on at full blast the last few nights, because the sweltering heat and humidity has been just too much to handle. Amazing how that can change overnight! Sure, it is easy to say, “well, a cold front passed and now it’s just a little cooler, but it’s still summer!” Well, yes, you are quite right! But to me, Summer is almost over. In 4 days, I will be preparing my Autumn clean up list, getting out the Autumn decorations out, and beginning to stage the upcoming cooler months. Yes, I know. August and its “dog days”, can be extremely hot and humid, but I would love to debate anyone that doesn’t feel SOME sense of change in the air during this time of year…And in saying that…

The Feast of Lammas is upon us!


Wait, what?  What is this silly Hobbit talking about?  Going off on a tangent again, I guess….ah, I hear the remarks more than you think.  But since I’m nice and wide open and really and truly not giving a shit about what others think of me, I wanted to go into a new series installment called The Wheel of the Year.  Really, I should start this on the New Year, but we’re here, so why not?

Lammas is also called Lughnasadh. (pronounced Loo Nah Sah).  It is a Celtic Sabbat/Holiday that begins the first of the 3 major Harvest Festivals.  Oh, by the way, I wanted to educate those who say Celtic wrong.  Celtic is pronounced *KELL-TICK*.  NOT *Sell-Tick*. Okay, I admit, that rubs me the wrong way in so many ways.  Its like someone called the Amish with the pronunciation *AY-MISH* or Italian like *EYE-TAL-YUN*.  To me, it’s a bit insulting, and it can truly drive many enthusiasts like myself, mental.  For some reason, many sports teams that have the word Celtic pronounce it Sell-tick, but I can assure you, the proper right way to say it is how I mentioned it above.  Okay, moving on….


Lammas! Ohhhh I how love me some Harvest holidays! It’s probably one of the reasons why Thanksgiving is one of my favorite Holidays!  There is something about the word “comfort” that drives all of us to find our own sense of the word.  For me, comfort means my home.  It means all the stuff I love around me.  It means listening to music I love, smelling aromatic candles, drinking an amazing tea, reading a good book, a nice casserole in the oven, my husband and children around me.  That’s comfort.  Comfort is a rainy day in the autumn, when you wake up and realize you don’t want to get out of your pajamas.  And you don’t.  Whoever said  you have to get up every morning and get dressed like in your Sunday best everyday is for the birds!  People are going to accept you, whether you have makeup on, or going au natural.

Comfort is taking a nap in the middle of the afternoon on that said rainy day, smelling the rain and feeling the cool air coming in.  I love days like that.  But comfort is different for each person.  What is your form of comfort?  Think about it and write a list out.  When you realize what things make you feel comforting, then do what you can to make it happen!

Lammas is the beginning of the Harvest.  The first seeds planted in Spring are now ready to be picked of their ripened fruit.  Many will start to see the hay barrels in the fields from farmers picking their crops.  This is a good time to start thinking about what you are going to plant in the Autumn for next year!  Spring bulbs may be on sale in grocery stores or produce markets, so this is a great time to make a list of what you want to see pop up in Spring of next year!


August 1st is the Feast Day of the Celtic Deity, Lugh (hence the name Lughnasadh).  Lugh was revered by many of the man who sacrified himself to give people the comfort of a good harvest.  He was in ancient times known as the Corn God.  Understandably why corn is usually harvested this time of year.  Nevertheless, this is a time of turning inward.  Just the beginning of it, though.  We are still in the throes of hot and humid weather, with lots of sunny days and warm nights ahead of us.  But the air is changing, and many can feel it right now.  Some associate it with the beginning of school, and whatever you need to do to understand why we are in the process of a season change, go with what feels good.


Right now, in my home, we are continuing our path to organization.  I promised myself come hell or high water we were going to get this apartment situated for living.  Living with people who have a hard time purging old things, it can get pretty crowded in here quickly.  So, my daily talks about how good we feel when we are uncluttered I am hoping are getting into their heads!  I started lighting some fall candles, and it just feels right to do this now.  I love going to places like AC Moore and looking at all the Autumn/Halloween goodies that are already out on display.  I love planning on how I’m going to decorate this year.  I think its good to change it up every year.  It always gives off a fresh energy when you change things around, even with decor that only stays up a few weeks.

If you are interested in learning more about this upcoming season and how you can incorporate rituals in your life to make yourself more spiritually grounded with our Earth, keep coming back here, as I will have different ideas you can do to make this next season inspiring and fun!  Autumn is always easy, because there is SO much to do!  But remember: do what makes YOU feel good, instead of what everyone else is telling you how things should be.  You will be surprised how good it feels when you walk into this next Season doing things YOU love to do!

Love, Peace and Macaroni and Cheese,



50 Things I LOVE!

Hi everyone!

Well, we didn’t get the house.  So, we are still searching.  But in the meantime, here’s a little fun reading of 50 things I love.  It wasn’t enough, but it would have become obnoxious if I allowed it to go past 50!  Thank you to my friend Melissa/Raven who brought this over on Facebook!  Here it goes!

50 Things I Love

  1. Gardening – I love getting my hands dirty and digging into the dirt and planting things.
  2. New Age/World/Earth Spirituality Music – Spiral Dancing, Native American Healing Music, Enya, Lisa Thiel, SJ Tucker, Dead Can Dance, Clannad, Blackmore’s Night just to name a few…
  3. Kratom – This little miracle tree has basically saved my life.
  4. The smell of Springtime in the air
  5. Campfires
  6. Chocolate Fudge
  7. Sitting on the Beach in the late Autumn
  8. Early December sunsets
  9. Celebrating the Seasons
  10. Impressionstic Artists – Edgar Degas, Vincent Van Gogh, Monet, just to name a few
  11. Everything Jane Austen ever wrote
  12. Every Jane Austen book that was put into a movie
  13. Everything that is Tolkien. Like everything.
  14. Going to sleep with my window fan on a coolish evening.
  15. Anything of a Celtic nature
  16. Anything of a Native American nature
  17. Crystals
  18. Oracle/Tarot decks.
  19. The Rosary. And everything that is the Virgin Mary.
  20. Strong and empowered women like Brighid, Hecate, Persephone, Diana, and Mary Magdelene.
  21. Jesus
  22. Moscato Wine
  23. Willow Trees
  24. Dream Catchers
  25. Playing Video games with my friends online (you know who you are!)
  26. Painting
  27. Early Autumn Days that are filled with rain and cloudy skies, so I can light candles and watch holiday movies.
  28. Halloween/Samhain
  29. Being a Wild Woman and empowering my Divine Feminine Self
  30. Yoni Eggs
  31. Being Healthy and learning about things to keep me healthy
  32. NOT being on medicine!
  33. British Comedies on PBS
  34. Collecting Tea Kettles
  35. Chocolate Fudge
  36. I love ALL animals.
  37. The feeling of getting off the parkway on the exit to the beach. It’s like all my worries go away
  38. Dreaming of making my life better
  39. Making my own incense
  40. Fuzzy socks on a cold night
  41. Folk Music
  42. Fairy, Celtic, Music and Renaissance Festivals
  43. Going to the Spa for the day
  44. Twinkle lights everywhere I can put them
  45. Lemonade Iced Tea
  46. Hammocks
  47. Thanksgiving
  48. Wearing dreadlocks in my hair.
  49. Pickles
  50. Putting my feet into the grass

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Overwhelming happiness!

I know its been a good week since I’ve written, please forgive me.  I have so many started posts, but never got to finish them.

Why so crazy-like?  Well, I got married last weekend!  So, enjoy some amazing pictures taken by friends and family.  Scott and I were eternally grateful to my cousin, Jane Marie, who gifted us an amazing gift of these pictures, it truly was a magical day!

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How one word can affect a life…

******Due to the absolute horror that my sweet friend Jacqui had gone through, she has since deleted her post as well as many other posts regarding her homesteading due to these malicious attacks*******

Witch. A word that has been in our vocabulary for hundreds if not thousands of years. What is a witch? Well, it depends on the person you ask. The term, “witch” simply means, “magical person”. Witches are male and female, children and adults. Witches are in every religion. I know, crazy, right? Every religion? Well, yes! Judaism, Islam, Christianity, you name it, there are witches everywhere. This term has come up for many years with me, because some people claim I am one. To me, it is an honor to be called one. To others, the term can be considered scary, wrong, if not downright evil. Media, books, religion itself, has taken the term “witch” and created a cataclysmic definition that is so chaotic in nature, when the word is spoken, most people create the same image in their minds: Green skinned, warts, angry, satan worshiper, devil worshiper, black hat, black cloak, stirring a cauldron of an evil magical spell.

How many people reading this had that EXACT picture in their minds? Well, let’s looks at Hollywood. The Wizard of Oz, Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves, Sleeping Beauty, The Chronicles of Narnia, Harry Potter, Practical Magic, Hocus Pocus, just to name a few. In fact, Disney itself has created a legacy of making the evil counterpart to the main character a “wicked witch”. Why? Because a long time ago, people who feared magical people simply wrote that they were in fact, evil. Magic is evil. Why? Why is magic evil? What is the definition of magic? Well, according to Webster’s dictionary, it states, “The power of apparently influencing the course of events by using mysterious or supernatural forces”.

Okay. Well, in Catholicism, that’s called a “Miracle”. So, why, if you are not within an organized religion, is this power considered “evil”? Why do you have to be part of a “religion” to be considered something good? Yes, I am a seeker. There is nothing wrong with that. I have been criticized over the years for seeking the truth. That looking at my gnostic views of spirituality is considered heretic. But, folks, that’s further from the truth. Religious persecution is still very much alive in our world. People who are so convicted in their beliefs that they point fingers at others telling them there are wrong. Why? Why does this still exist? Why are people so concerned with the personal relationship with God and another person? Is your relationship with God THAT perfect you think you have time to fix others? No! Stop it! Stop it now! It’s exhausting to feel that sadness and despair when someone you care about judges you so harshly for something you love so dearly.

Today, I watched a video of my mentor, Jacqueline DuBois, who has an amazing web series on YouTube, and has for many years. Jacqui is known as a “Kristo” or “Christo” Pagan. What is a Kristo-Pagan? Well, a Kristo-Pagan is a witch. A magical person who believes in the humanity and divinity of Jesus Christ and the teachings of him, the Saints, and the Blessed Mother. Someone who believes in the reverence of the Trinity, the Holy Blessed Mother, BUT does NOT agree with the rules of the Catholic Church per se, the people that consider Jesus Christ “His” Church. This is where many of us part ways in the matter of beliefs: I do not believe that Jesus would allow some of the rules that man has created within the Church by using Jesus’ words “anything you hold true on Earth, I will hold true in Heaven” as Dogmatic Law. But does that make me an unbeliever? Does that make me a Satan worshiper? NO! I dare you to debate me on this. NO ONE, and I repeat, NO ONE, has the right to make such ridiculous accusations just because I or anyone else does not follow the “rules” of a church! It is the moral and values that Christ taught us that I live by, and nothing else!

I believe in magic. And I believe in Jesus. I believe there are elements we cannot describe that walk the earth in spirit, watching over us, and the planet we live on. I believe I have the God-given gifts to create magic with the determination, passion and unconditional love inside of me. Why is it okay to pray to a Saint, or heck, pray to our Creator, light a candle, receive Communion, say a Novena, go to Confession and allow a priest to absolve you of your sins in the name of our Creator, but yet, a magical person does the same thing, and it’s considered an “evil spell” and devil worshiping? Explain that to me. Why is everything that goes against the laws of a religion Satan’s doing? Why? I know it’s hard for people to actually answer this.

I have been made fun of, bullied, yelled at, ignored, and everything else in the book that would borderline cruelty. All because I believe in the magic of the Passion of the Christ; and not the “laws” of the man-made Church his name is under. I do not need to go to Mass every Sunday to live my life in the eyes of Christ. I was told that my reasons I just stated are a cop-out. That it makes me “unaccountable”. Quite the contrary, actually! I hold myself accountable for EVERY SINGLE THING I do in this life, something I never considered when I was younger, but stand true to that conviction with every fiber of my being as an adult woman today.

Those who believe my life is wrong, an abomination, or the devil dancing around me, answer me this: Do you support the Westboro Baptist Church? Do you support the people who murder doctors at abortion clinics? These are the very people that believe in the same thing you do! What makes you different? When it comes to a religion, I do believe you cannot pick and choose what you want to believe when you are a part of a church, correct? So, if a Christian believes that you can sell your children into slavery, or kill your mother for wearing different types of thread, which in fact is all in the bible, WHY do you ignore that? If the bible is the law/holy scripture of the Church, why don’t you follow it? I want you to think of this before making another accusation on another person for their beliefs and how they practice their faith. It is why I left the Church. Not because I believe they are wrong. I left the Church because I no longer believe in the laws to stay within that religion. My FAITH, however, has never changed.

Today I watched a video of my mentor, like I stated above, who is a Kristo-Pagan, who was wrongfully accused of sacrificing goats and cats and being a Satan worshiper. Why? Because she proclaims herself to be a witch. And she runs a small urban homestead at her house in Southern California. Yup, that’s it. Someone took 2+2 and came up with 9. All while trying to ruin and sweet and spiritual, loving woman who’s goal in life is to walk in the path of Spirit, help those in need, and be of service to the people of the world. So, she is a witch and runs a farm, therefore she is a devil-worshiping, animal sacrificing person. All because of one word: WITCH.

The sick and twisted world we live in has gone too far. I am begging you, please stop it. If you cannot be my friend, have a relationship with me, no longer speak to me, because of my beliefs, then I release you with full heart and unconditional love. I will be heartbroken, but at least I will be at peace. Those who judge are never in peace. It is why our world is in such torment right now.

I was really hoping to have a more uplifting blog today, but after watching the absolute horror my sweet friend went through, it would have been wrong of me not to speak up. All it takes is one person to make the change. Are you going to the be the one to stop this cruelty?

God is Love. God is Magic. God is Peace. God is Life. Life is magical. Be at peace with that and you will find salvation.

So, if you want to call me a witch, don’t think I will be offended. I would be honored. I would rather walk with the sinners in life, helping them along the way, then walk with the righteous who think they will get into heaven quicker than anyone else. Remember, the first will be last, and the last shall be first. Think about that before placing judgment on another person.

Learning the Truth And All That Follows…

christian-meditationIt’s been a crazy year so far!  Yikes!  From getting this wedding planning done and getting Scott and I up to the altar, to going out today to look at 4 more houses, sigh….so much going on I don’t have time to think sometimes.  Thankfully I have family and friends to call on me to check up on me to see how we’re holding out, it’s nice to take that break and listen to what’s going on outside my own inner world. Over the last month or so, I have found that the same conversations I’ve been having with people seem to have a revolving theme:  TRUTH.  And what a powerful time to be having these discussions, during this time of reflection.  One doesn’t have to be a practicing Christian to understand the power of Lent, and contemplating life and the world around you.  It’s only natural, and I suggest if you have the urge, do it.  Meditate, and contemplate your life.


If there is something that people are most afraid of, it’s this:  The truth.  Truth can take a quiet and simple life, and rock it to its very foundation.  Truth can change everything.  And these changes can be painful if you’re learning the truth after living a lie, or at least living your life deep within lies.  I’ve been there, and it’s NOT a fun time to have to accept truth, and pick up the pieces from the destruction that the truth can bring.  But you want to live the truth, right?  If you LIVE in truth, there will NEVER be destruction.  Truth gives you freedom, truth gives life.  Lies can only hold you for so long, until the universe comes back, like the tides in the oceans.  After living in deceit, truth comes like a tsunami in the night, hitting you unexpectedly and with such force you can’t get up to breathe. 


I live in truth every day, even if it means not having relationships with people I love.  When you associate yourself with people who choose to believe lies over the truth, you become part of the lie.  You become part of that universe that will experience that tsunami like event and you too, will become a part of the problem.  It is the hardest thing to do, to walk away from people you love, to live your truth.  I get it.  And I respect it.  People had to walk away from me, because I was living a lie, many many years ago.  Those years spending in lies only resulted in years of picking up the pieces and cleaning up the many mistakes I made in the past.  Trust me when I say, the universe knows EVERY lie you told.  EVERY story you falsed, EVERY part of your history you tried to sweep under the rug.  It comes back!  In a way, I’m sad, because I have to watch people who don’t deserve it, get swept up in lies, and there’s nothing I can do about it.  We are all on a journey, and sometimes we have to watch another’s journey unfold and that tsunami hit.  It reminds me of the Japan Tsunami that hit years ago; many of us sat in front of our TV’s, watching that gigantic wave slowly work its way to the coast, and there was NOTHING that we could do about it.  That’s how it is with Truth.  It will always make its appearance when the universe is ready to reveal it.  I can’t imagine now living a lie.  The sleepless nights of worry of getting caught in something, dealing with the repercussions of those who would be affected by your deceit.  It’s a sad thing to watch.  But in the end, it’s just another way of saying the Universe is the boss.  Our Creator is the boss.  Like a parent grounding the child for its misdeeds, the universe grounds us when we are dishonest with ANYTHING.  That’s part of being in a 3 dimensional world.  In order for us to survive, we need to continually ground ourselves, check ourselves, when we get out of line.  Because if we don’t do it, trust me, the Universe WILL. 


In the end, most people don’t want to know the Truth, because the Truth would require change.  And most people don’t like change.  It’s a very sad spiral many people fall into, and it takes great courage, swallowing your pride, and belief in yourself and yourself ALONE to make those changes to understand the Truth.  Only then will you find that peace of mind.  It becomes harder for people to manage the whole “woe is me” sense of being, and people will not want to be associated with you if you choose not to live the truth.  This is where breakage of relationships comes into play, and until we can all live in truth together, separation is imminent.  It’s up to you.  You have more power than you realize. 

That is what is most heartbreaking.  People have the power.  And people choose the power of deceit over the power of truth, because it’s easier and requires less work.  What people DON’T understand, though, is that the power of deceit is the harder of the two, so the question is, do you want the power of self-gratification of getting something quickly through deceit?  Because the moment you choose that path, you end of with a lifetime of hard work, obstacles and pain. 

truth or sweet lie

(“Truth or Sweet Lie” by Luz Tapia from Deviantart)

Truth = LIFE.  Deceit = LOSS.

Your move now.

~ Bridget

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Celebrating Being a Woman…


It took me close to 30 years to fully appreciate and love who I am.  At 41 years old, I really am excited that today we are celebrating International Woman’s Day.  Sure, I get it, there seems to be a day where we are nationally and universally recognizing everything under the sun, but in reality, isn’t that what life is all about?  To celebrate?  To live?  We become so involved in our own realities that we forget to stop for a moment and think what we’re doing all this for.  So, I truly believe days like this were created to help us stop, think, and celebrate.  Today, I celebrate being a woman.

As my friend Beth in California said yesterday, she described herself as this:  “I am the eternal dreamer. I dream big and never give up on my dreams. I made California happen, I can make any dream happen…”

How powerful is that????  That we can MAKE things happen?  Well, it’s true.  Our thoughts immediately put reality into motion.  People forget this.  The old adage, “be careful what you wish for”, is simply explaining the idea “thoughts become things…”  This is what “The Secret” is all about.


We are fierce.  We are independent.  We are love.  We are the wild of the two genders, living in an ecstatic world of chaos, we have the ability to focus and bring peace between the craziness.  Our capacity to unconditionally love is so profound, we really have no clue the depths our own emotions can go.

But, because of how deep our emotions are, we find ourselves being labeled.  Over emotional, over sensitive, weak, among others.  Love is the strongest emotion there is, so how is it that our whole self is full of love, yet we are considered the weaker of the two?  Not going into a battle of the sexes, seeing who is “better, stronger, faster”, I am simply implying that people need to not be so quick to judge when you see a woman in a state of bliss.  We are MAGICALLY working our true selves when love is the cornerstone of our livelihood.

We have boobs, we get periods, we birth babies, and yet, for some reason, many of us were taught at a young age that this was punishment for being the first of the two genders to sin.  Hell, the way I see it, I believe we were GIFTED.  When I get my period, I feel more powerful than I do any other time of the month.  I create magic in my life. You know we CAN do this!!!!  We are a magical gender!  Why do you think witches are usually labeled as women????  Because in reality, we ARE magic!  I would be hard pressed to say I haven’t met a woman in this life that hasn’t thought that herself.  And if you do question your abilities, just for today, let go of that inhibition.  Remember what our Creator gave you.  USE IT.  WORK IT.  EMPOWER IT.  You would be SHOCKED at the possibilities you have.

I am getting married in 39 days.  And up until a couple months ago, I was freaking out that my dress is going to be a little tight because I’ve gained some winter weight.  You know what?  WHO THE HELL CARES?  For years I’ve hated myself, hated my body.  Not anymore.  I’m gonna work those curves like Vivienne did the night she met Edward on Hollywood Boulevard.  Why?  Because I’m a woman and dammit, I’m freaking beautiful.  And that light within me is gonna shine so bright people are going to have a hard time looking at me the night I walk down that aisle.


I’ve also decided to stop coloring my hair.  Yup, you heard it here, folks. I looked at myself in the mirror a few days ago and realized how much I’ve changed.  Why would I want to try to look how I did years ago if I am no longer that woman I was years ago?  Sure, that’s my own analogy, and no one has to follow me on that.  Some women are really petrified of going gray, some just don’t like the look.  And that’s awesome as well.  Because how you feel inside is how your’re going to reflect your outside.  You could be drop dead physically gorgeous, but if you have an ugly heart, trust me, IT SHOWS.  I have seen beauty in some of the weirdest ways, but that’s because my eyes see differently than others.  I’m okay with being different.  I’m okay with wearing skirts that make me look shorter than I already am.  I’m okay with wearing dread-locks in my hair.  I’m okay with tattoos and piercings on my body.  Because if I love who I am inside, all that’s going to show on the outside.  I can’t tell you how many people have asked me what the hell my secret is, or what do I do to look so young?  It’s because I really do have the soul of a young child.  And people can see that in my eyes.  And all I want to do is pass that around to show all the women in my life we can ALL have that twinkle, no matter what age we are.

I just wanted to wish all my female peeps a very happy International Woman’s Day.  Be fierce, be wild, be proud, and most importantly, be YOU.

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