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Kratom Review: Super Red Vein Borneo

wpid-samred.jpgREVIEW:  Super Red Vein Borneo

When I first starting taking Kratom, I was skeptical about taking any red-veined powder for fear any type of “sedation” the effect would bring would be enough to knock me out and not allow me to function as a normal human being. After taking this strain, however, I was once again humbled by my error. I think much of my fear had been based with the stigma that politics has eagerly tried to put on this medicinal plant. But I listened to my heart and my analytical head, and pushed onward by taking my friend’s advice to at least try. This by far, is a VERY powerful little leaf that has extreme benefits when it comes to alleviating pain and sleep deprivation. All while giving you the opportunity to function on a daily basis, depending on the amount you take each time. When I was taking Oxycontin or Xanax, I wouldn’t be able to do anything other than sit down and allow the effects to take over. Hardly able to concentrate, I was more about being “in the moment”, feeling that euphoric feeling for those 10-15 minutes then falling to sleep, hoping to sleep through whatever time I could before I could take my next dose. Looking back I was really a functioning pill pusher. I found a way to live with it. I did it for so many years; it became daily habit for me to just be who I was. The pain was a part of my life, so I accepted that medicine was going to be also a part of me. Who would have thought in a million years the way society is today, that the botanicals of our Mother Earth gives us all the necessities to not only care for ourselves, but also to repair ourselves? This is what I feel Super Red Vein Borneo is: The strain that repairs you.

What it is: The powder itself is brownish in color, showing that the reddish tint mixing with the green simply gives off that hue. In my own personal opinion, the smell is more pungent than of any of the green, possibly one of the properties from the coloring of the stems/veins in the leaf itself. Since the red vein leaves are more sedating in nature, it is important to remember how much you take during the time you take it, will determine how your body will react to it. Meaning, if you take it first thing in the morning, chances are although you won’t have the pain, you will be dragging your energy all over the place, because the muscles in your body will naturally react that way because of the fact it is sedating in nature. So, unless you need to deal with your pain during the night, my suggestion is to mix this with a green strain, to at least get your bout of energy you need. For me, I take my red strain at nighttime. It’s easier for me to control my pain during the day because my job gives me the opportunity to be busy enough I can almost ignore it. I know many don’t have that luxury, so take my ideas with a grain of salt and do what is best for you.

Taking it: As I usually do, I take it as a tea, and recently I added cinnamon sticks to my pan on the stove to infuse the cinnamon into the Kratom and water. Cinnamon has amazing therapeutic qualities as it stands alone: giving off a relief of any inflammatory issues with your body, so taking it with the red vein Kratom could be essential to your pain relief. Anyway, I took 1 cup water and the took the Super Red Vein Borneo and put two tablespoons of the powder into water for the pot to go into a slow boil. Remember, if you make a tea with Kraton, NEVER fast boil it, for it will take a massive chunk of the alkaloids from the Kratom. It’s like taking a capsule with Kratom and emptying the contents out, and swallowing the empty capsule instead of the powder. It’s going to give you the same effect: Nothing. But I digress…

Once you get it to a simmering boil, take it off the heat and let it cool down. Filter the water, Kratom and cinnamon stick through a sieve or better yet, a coffee filter, to get your tea. You can take what’s in the filter and re-add water to get more out of that batch (mind you, it will be less in potency, due to much of it came from the first batch). Sometimes I like to take that second batch and mix it with my green in the morning to give me energy AND pain relief in the AM. Once you get your filtered tea into your teacup, take ½ of that first batch to drink and save the rest for the next night. Add some honey (whatever amount you like), and drink slowly. I like to inhale the steam before sipping; it helps take some of the bitterness away. This particular brand is definitely bitterer than Maeng Da, as I found Maeng Da to be very smooth and sweeter in taste. Nevertheless, Kratom itself becomes an acquired taste, and I found it to be very soothing in the end.

Effects: It took about 15 minutes to start feeling any effects, mainly started with feeling my face become flushed and a bit hot under the collar, so-to-speak. A slight euphoric feeling did sweep in, but it only lasted about 10 minutes. Personally, I did feel the Maeng Da had more of a euphoric effect that any of the strains I have tried so far. However, the pain relief was amazing. I took this on the verge of a migraine, and thankfully it kicked it just in time for the pain to go right away, so no medicine needed to intervene in the long run. I’ve been a migraine sufferer since 1979 (before doctors knew what migraines REALLY were), so as someone who has been battling this cross for 35 years, this was definitely a breakthrough for me.

Overall: I definitely give this a solid A for pain relief and sleep and a B- for euphoria/overall feeling of wellness. I think this is definitely a strain for people with chronic pain, however if you have an anxiety disorder like myself, my advice would be to mix a green strain/maeng da to offer assistance in that area. Overall it is a great type of Kratom, and looking forward to more restful, pain-free sleeps in the future.

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